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I really think we should make a full website with forum aimed at those of the concious class, we could link ot woth jwreform ajwrb and perimenos website, i believe it is most important that we stay in the org if we wish to have the power to change it, there are many of us, if we make it anonymouse and try to connect us all and get it out there we have the power to change.Id like to be a regular poster on your website btw is there a way i can do this.Sent from my iPhone

15 Comments on FAQ

  1. Serene says:

    why dont u put a welcome page on the forum so when people join thye can say a little about themselfs and everyone can say hi,


  2. Andrew says:

    I enjoyed your YouTube video about the November 11th, 1946 Watchtower article about Christian Freedom. Ray Franz is one of my heroes. I have been a Witness for about 35 years, and am currently contemplating writing a book attempting to describe what it is like watching an organization you love transform itself in very negative ways into a tyranny.

    Keep up the good work. There are many of us who enjoy your web page, and it is a coping mechanism that is badly needed.



  3. yangmask says:

    Hallo, I’m yangmask. I heard about this site recently.

    I’m Japanese. I was disfellowshipped in 2008, because I chose to obey God rather than human.

    I think JW will be judged soon by Jesus Christ. I want to know your opinion about this my opinion.

    See https://sites.google.com/site/jwbibleprophesies/00

    Mail address: yangmask_yangmask@yahoo.co.jp

    I can not understand complex English. Whenever possible, please write in simple English. Thank you.


  4. Leah says:

    I would like to order postcards/flyers to distribute at work, neighbors, family and friends who are and are not witnesses. Are you working with local churches and asking them to support your ministry? Many would be glad to write a check to finance this cause.

    Please tell me where to go to purchase items.

    Thank You


    • JJ says:


      This is something that I have wanted to do for some time, and have designed some materials for this purpose. Let me work on this and get back to you when it is ready.

      Thank you for the good comment and request.


  5. Dwight Monach says:

    I’d like to talk to JJ if possible. I’ve checked into the G.B. since its start and man what is going on here? They do a great job in covering up their lies and mistakes. But, they have caused so mucg harm. I feel like I cant stop til I open my moms eyes to this. I’m meeting with 2 elders at her Hall 2nite. If anyone sees this please keep my in your prayers for this. I stayed up ALL night finding more and more filth on the society. It’s like I wasn’t even tired I just kept plucking away and reading so much. I have 20 pages of notes and since I was never baptized I hope they let me speak of this. I REALLY hope JJ ( the apostasy trial man) badly. I have questions I think he can help me with. I’m sure others here are knowledgable in scriptures but, he really touched me in the way he carried himself. I love jehovah and wonder how I can commence my relationship with him since going to the hall isnt an option for me. My cell # is 828 384 0697 -Dwight


  6. Tammi says:

    Hi JJ, we exchanged emails about a year or so ago. I just recently read your JC report, WOW! I really appreciated it very much! Everything you said, I have said before thru-out the years to elders! Anyways, I told you a little about my bizarre situation then! It has gotten worse! You might recall who I am by my saying, the elders think I’m one of the anointed! I am from your area but, currently live in Nevada. I would like very much to talk with you, as you would have heard/have some insight to my situation because you would know the elders there! My bizarre situation has reached the GB, they themselves in person have plotted and schemed against me! No joke! Please email me! I am not DF’d but, I want to be! The elders have never come around to ask me to come back! They have people watch me and follow me around and even come from Washington state to do it too! I need some help and advice of what to do, can you help? Thank you!


  7. Arimay says:

    Thank you for posting the video of your JC. I am only on part 3 of it but as i watch it i can feel my blood pressure rising. the faces of the elders look the same as the faces i have had to see over the many years and the few times i was in on a jC. The decisions are already made. Unless you go in “showing” 100% repentance you will be DF’d. My husband and I have seen it happen! i was born and raised in this religion at now at the age of almost 40 i am exhausted. i am tired of the judgement. tired of the guilt, never doing enough, fear of everything! i was a frightened child. Listening to the drama tapes made me terrified that the ground would open up and swallow me. i was afraid i would have eaten the quail and died. I would have wanted leeks and die. Fear that every thunderstorm was “the big One”. I was in a chronic state of fear! How awful is that for a child of 4 and up?My father was df’d when I was 4. I have lived with it my whole life. i made the decision a couple of years ago I could no longer go to the meetings and my husband had been df’d a second time. Long story but it shows my experience with decisions being made without care of the effect it would have on our family. He appealed, again the decision the original elder body made would be upheld to show unity. That was the big one for me. Among other things that was the final nail in the coffin for my meeting attendance. Now i am left floundering. What DO I believe? What DO i believe about birthdays, proms, dating, entertainment, politics ect? i had been told what to think for so long i had no voice for myself. thanks for showing the video and I hope to be able to watch the whole things and then show my husband. i would be curious to know you age. It seems the vast majority of people around my age are fleeing! They feel like my husband and I do! Around 35-45 i am seeing this over and over again.


  8. Eric Bosworth says:

    Eric, I wanted to know if you hold to the mainstream doctrines of the faith of Christianity? Can you post your Beliefs now that you are out of the JW…


  9. Susan says:

    What is your stance on LGBT rights? I was shunned for coming out lesbian in my congregation. I couldnt hold my feelings bottled in me. I am free and living a happy life with my artner. Are you against lgbt witnesses? I dont see no articles here about lgbt and witnesses.


    • JJ says:


      I’m glad that you are out and free of the mind control of the WT religion!

      Myself personally I have no problem with a person being GLBT as it is not my job to judge anyone.

      I feel that God loves all people and Jesus certainly set the pattern regarding how we should treat ones that are different, persecuted, etc.


  10. Forever Misfit says:

    Wow, I have just started to watch you JC trial. My heart was in my mouth when you were driving to the KH just before the trial – I was in that position 14, nearly 15 years ago. And it still chills me to the bone.

    I like you felt I had to go through with it for me, not because they told me. I had my game plan and going through the trial with me present was part of it. As was my re-instatement. It was the hardest thing I ever did, but I was going to play them at their own game.

    They decided that an abusive husband was simply over-enthusiastic and that the psychological damage being imparted on my very young children who witnessed the violence was less damaging than a divorce.

    They did not accept my argument that the persistent rape of a wife was porneia and therefore I had grounds for a scriptural divorce. I left my husband anyway, fortunately I was the bread winner as well, he was too lazy to get a proper job and provide for me and the children – something I was often publicly ostracised for being a working Mum.

    They then accused me of fornication. I had an emotional affair I admit, but gossips concluded that it had to be more than that. I was being harrased by my husband who would come banging on my door, harrased by the elders who said I was not being a christian wife. In the end I cracked, I took a chance with my new friend, left for a weekend away and left word with the elders of what I was doing so I could be decisively disfellowshipped.

    One very insensitive elder asked me at my trial wuld I do it again? If it meant protecting my welfare and more importantly the welfare of my children of course I would do it again. There is very little I would not conceive of doing to protect my children! I have to admit one of the other elders asked the first to perhaps leave that question well alone but I had already sealed my fate, which to be fair was my plan.

    But the icing on the cake was the fact I was not visited by elders after my disfellowshipping (at this time I was still going to all the meetings and enjoying not having anyone bothering me, not least of all my estranged husband. I took my punishment) because someone told them I was now living with someone. That I had moved in with a worldy man, so I had obviously made my position very clear and there was no point in visiting me. I was no longer a person who was worthy of spiritual help.

    So I decided to live up to my false reputation ( I moved in with and eventually married my now current husband, a loving and caring man). From that point on I found real information. “Crisis of Conscience”, membership of the UN, etc, etc – I had woken up.

    I got reinstated so I could talk to my Mum and sisters again, so that my children could have a fuller relationship with their wider family. Then I would just slowly fall away back to a peaceful life. No cliques or hypocrites.

    It was a painful experience, but it was the same kind of pain as ripping a band aid off. I was finaly free to be who I really was, to think and beleive wherever my heart lead.

    Unfortunately I don’t have any faith, perhaps I never did really. It was just what I was brought up with. Sometimes I genuinely wish I had some kind of faith.

    I realise you do have faith, and I wish you all the peace and happiness for it. I envy you for that.

    But I did want to thank you for your bravery, for the expose and for the wonderfully crafted and considered arguments in your trial. They were eloquent, poignant, reasoned and I totally understand your emotional anguish throughout all of the ordeal.

    My Uncle was accused of apostasy a few years ago, simply because he supported another brother who wore a beard. The two of them could not have loved Jehovah more, they were loyal servants of Jehovah but could not accept some arbitrary rule that was enforced without any substance.

    My heart just goes out to all the people who’s lives have been ripped apart, who’s hearts have been utterly shattered and I would like to thank you for taking this stand. For reaching out to others, to support them and let us all know we are not alone.

    I wish you well my brother x


  11. Robert Hodge says:

    I have an essay about JW child abuse as a Word document I would send you if you could provide an email address.

    You should find it of interest.



  12. Don says:

    Hi, Eric. Faded out 18 years ago. Just watched your recording of the star chamber meeting. Was there any threat of suit for your recording without permission? I know that you established your Christian and Moral Authority to make the proceedings public. Do they frisk people now? How are they stopping others from doing the same as you did. Thank you for your service.
    My mom thought herself to be one of the 144,000. sHe was lingering in a nursing home bed. I had asked her Doctor that day if I should have her brother come to see him soon.(Her brother lived an 8 hr drive away) He said no, he had seen her earlier in the day and she was still medically very strong. He estimated that It would be six months or so, “I see the elderly every day”. He told me. “I will tell you when the time is close. It is not close for him now”. Later in the day, I was across town from my mom. I decided to pray to JESUS. I asked him to take my mother, I had never prayed for anything before, other than for Gods will for the Organization, wow I was shocked to have a VERY powerful peace to flow into me. The nursing home called to tell me that she had passed away, sHe was discovered passed a few moments after I prayed. I felt confused that my prayer directly to Jesus, had such power.Was it the Devil,tricking me, ( I had prayed silently) I have been very confused about this answered prayer for years. Fully knowing in my heart that it was from GOD. But confused that I prayed differently than I had been taught and the prayer was answered. Thank you for giving me the spiritual understanding for that. I knew in my heart, I had my prayer answered and I knew that I should look deeper into CHRIST. I started an immediate fade from the org…. When i listened to your recorded meeting, for the first time, I understood that there WAS biblical backing for what I had done. Thank You Eric!Please feel free to contact me if the sprit leads you to.


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