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Una Madre Clandestinamente Intenta salvar a su hija! (Prohibido) La lista de la Watchtower de libros que estan prohibidos leer nunca para de crecer. Porque hay tantos libros esritos por ex testigos y sus practicas religiosas por todo el internet? Al una hacer una busqueda en Amazon.com o cualquier sitio de internet uno puede encontrar […]

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Eric on Thursday January 2nd, 2014

Why is it that there are so many books written about and by former Jehovah’s Witnesses and their religious practices floating around on the internet? A check on Amazon or any internet search engine will yield literally hundreds of them. I am particularly interested too in why so many former members feel compelled to write about their experiences and ordeal in leaving the Watchtower Organization?
Over the last few years I have accumulated over a dozen different books of this kind, and thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. Here are just some of them:

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Eric on Thursday September 12th, 2013

OVER 1,000 DAYS have passed since I started JWStruggle. It was not for publicity or accolades. It was not even for the noble intent of blowing the whistle on Watchtower Corp and letting sincere Jehovah’s Witnesses worship God free from the crushing rules of the governing body pharisees. These men have wielded the elders like a dull axe in the local congregations, bludgeoning so many “little sheep” with WT policy and rules.

No, it was for therapeutic reasons of my own that I began to write a blog. I had almost no one to talk to.

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Leyendo La Mente Y Reestablecimiento – Parte 1   Yo por supuesto no puedo leerles la mente, y puede ser que tampoco nadie mas en la tierra puede hacerlo. Sin embargo, si usted busca ser reestablecido/a otra vez en la congregacion de los Testigos de Jehova y esta en el internet leyendo articulos como este […]

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Eric on Monday February 4th, 2013

I most certainly cannot read your mind, and it’s likely that no one else on earth can either. However, if you happen to be seeking reinstatement into a congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses and are here on JWStruggle reading an article like this, then it becomes quite easy to guess what’s on your mind: You have begun to awaken to the serious problems within the Watchtower Organization and religion, and you are thinking about how to get reinstated so as to again have access to asleep JW family members and friends. We here at the Struggle “get it”, and you are not alone. In fact our good friend Londo (who wrote the article The Myths of Disfellowshipping) successfully gained reinstatement recently for that very reason, and his experience and impressions will be shared in a later portion of the article. To be sure though, the elders that sit in judgement when a person seeks reinstatement can’t read minds either. Nor can they read a person’s heart.

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Eric on Friday February 17th, 2012

We’ve all heard comments about Jehovah’s Witnesses being “brainwashed”. That always seemed like an outrageous claim to make. And of course there are the comebacks, such one a circuit overseer used to use the comeback, “The world is such a filthy place- maybe our brains needed washing out when we came into the truth!”

The idea of brainwashing goes back many years. Here is a comment about its possible origins:

“Dur­ing the Korean War, Korean and Chinese captors reportedly brainwashed American POWs held in prison camps. Several prisoners ultimately confessed to waging germ warfare — which they hadn’t — and pledged allegiance to communism by th­e end of their captivity. At least 21 soldiers refused to come back to the United States when they were set free.”

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andrew on Thursday December 1st, 2011

Hay muchos hermanos y hermanas sinceros que no se quedan despiertos preguntándose en qué va a parar la organización. Simplemente están tratando de hacer lo mejor que pueden en su servicio a Jehová y de mostrar amor a los hermanos. A pesar de que saben que algo no anda bien, están esforzándose por mantenerse en “el amor de Dios”. (Romanos 8:38,39) Hay otros entre nosotros que no podemos seguir dando apoyo a una organización que según nuestra opinión ha actuado come un profeta falso y ha causado la pérdida de tantas vidas como resultado.

Sin importar en que grupo estemos, y sin importar que tan intensa es la lucha en nuestra consciencia, es crítico mantener nuestra fe y no desanimarnos. ¿No enfatizó Jesús que una parte importante del viaje en “el camino estrecho” es aguantar hasta el fin? (Mateo 7:13,14 ; Mateo 24:13) Así es que existe un peligro para nosotros como ex-testigos o testigos despertados que pudiéramos llegar a la conclusión de que “si la organización no es la verdad entonces no hay Dios”. Este es un lugar espiritualmente peligroso. Es como el niño que llega a saber que no existe el Papa Noel y dice a su mamá, “Si no existe Papa Noel quizás no hay Dios tampoco”. Posiblemente esta revelación es de poca importancia para un adulto, pero para el niño cuando se da cuenta de que se le han mentido toda su vida su fe es sacudida. La confianza que tiene en su padres y en la autoridad es dañada.

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Eric on Thursday November 17th, 2011

There are many sincere brothers and sisters out there that don’t lie awake and wonder where the organization is heading. They are just trying to make the best of their service to Jehovah and love the friends. Despite being aware that something’s not quite right, they are trying to stay in “God’s love”. (Romans 8:38-39) Others among us cannot make that leap and continue to support an Organization that they feel has behaved as a false prophet and caused the loss of so many lives as a result.

Regardless of which camp we fall into, and no matter how intensely this struggle hovers in the back of our consciousness, keeping faith and not “losing heart” is critical. Didn’t Jesus emphasize that part of our successful journey along the narrow road is to endure to the end? (Matthew 7:13,14; Matthew 24:13) So a danger for us as awakened or former Witnesses is that we could come to feel that “if this isn’t the truth then there is no God”. This is a spiritually dangerous place to be. It’s like the boy that found out there was no Santa Clause and then said to his mother, “Well if there’s no Santa then maybe there’s no God either.” This may seem trivial to an adult, but the little boy’s realization that he had been lied to for most of his short life shook his tender faith. His parents credulity and his trust in authority was seriously damaged.

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Eric on Saturday May 14th, 2011

Does anyone want to work on a research project? My belief is that it will positively impact the lives of hundreds or even thousands of us. I’ve wanted to get on this for months, but my free time is very limited lately, as running JWStruggle.com has taken up quite a bit of it as many of you know. Team members will be able to collaborate on the project using Google Docs, so geographic location will be a non-issue. A call to take on the following project is now hereby being made. A small group of reliable people are needed. Read on, and prayerfully decide if you can help us tackle this project:

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Eric on Thursday February 17th, 2011

I heard this quote many years ago and it came to mind again recently so I did some digging on its origin and meaning. It resonated with me for a number of reasons, the chief one being that humans know what they know due to this principle, and we as servants of God and Christ can and have benefited from it as well.

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Eric on Tuesday September 21st, 2010

Crisis of Conscience, by Ray Franz In Search of Christian Freedom, by Ray Franz Captives of a Concept, by Don Cameron The Gentile Times Reconsidered, Carl Olaf Jonnson These are critical books in understanding what’s going on with the Organization and the Governing Body, and how it relates to us as Jehovah’s Witnesses.  For me, […]

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