JWStruggle… Three years and counting! Over 200 articles and almost 40 YouTube videos!

OVER 1,000 DAYS have passed since I started JWStruggle. It was not for publicity or accolades. It was not even for the noble intent of blowing the whistle on Watchtower Corp and letting sincere Jehovah’s Witnesses worship God free from the crushing rules of the governing body pharisees. These men have wielded the elders like a dull axe in the local congregations, bludgeoning so many “little sheep” with WT policy and rules.

No, it was for therapeutic reasons of my own that I began to write a blog. I had almost no one to talk to. My best friend was my wife, and she had already begun calling me names like “apostate”, despite seeing me read the Bible every day, study with the children, etc. I was gaining weight, eating and drinking too much, and the cognitive dissonance was getting worse. On top of this I had to remain anonymous and was worried that I would be outed. It was something I felt I needed to do- to write down my thoughts and impressions, and get it all out.

I decided to call myself “JJ”. First off it was short and easy, and it was a nod to my deceased Mother whom I still love very much and miss every day. She wanted to name me JJ before I was born but my father exercised his veto power and I was named Eric instead.

And then there was a friend in the “real world” that I was able to talk to. Without him I likely wouldn’t be writing this now. He had helped me mentally get out about 6 months earlier by sending me many emails and also Ray Franz’s seminal Crisis of Conscience as well as Don Cameron’s Captive of a Concept. This friend of mine later went by Greybeard on here for quite a while, and was a huge asset to the site.[1]

In September of 2010 I told him I wanted to start a blog so I could sort out my feelings and just journal about what I was going through. I would not advertise it or tell anyone else about it for quite some time. He told me to “go for it” and even gave me some technical help in the beginning. I will always be appreciative of his help- I personally feel it was part of what God wanted me to do at the time, and Greybeard was part of that plan.

Articles and ideas and frustration and research and a whole lot more began to pour out of us both. 17 articles were posted that first month. And 25 in month number two! Then something unexpected (at least to me) began to happen on the site- other people out in cyberspace were having the same experiences and struggles, and were somehow finding and reading what I was writing- and it resonated with them. Some were in the early stages of waking up to The Truth About The Truth as I was. Many were farther along than me. “The Struggle” was a phrase that some started using, and some even started calling themselves “Strugglers”. I had active elders and ministerial servants emailing me regularly. The messages rolled in. In life people get dropped into so many categories, and this is especially true in the world of Watchtower. Folks would identify themselves to me in different ways:

• Publisher
• Disfellowshipped
• Disassociated
• Fader
• Bible Student
• Born-ins
• Conscious class
• Just “Christian”
• Atheist
• Agnostic

And other designations too of course. The main thing was that they felt like they had someone to talk to, and since I had been to the world headquarters at Brooklyn Bethel for a few years and served as an elder for a decade after that, they felt as if they had an expert to ask questions of. There are so many great websites and blogs. So many excellent YouTubers too! The great pioneers that came before this little place will always tower above JWStruggle. People like Randy Watters, Joan and Bill Cetnar, Peter Gregerson, Don Frye, Grace Gough, and many many others have blazed a trail for people like me and the rest of us.


Community starts with friends…

So back to the story! An even better offshoot of JWStruggle was the community that was forming. In January of 2011 a new writer started churning out very intelligent and heartfelt articles. He used the name Andrew, and ultimately wrote over 50 of these.[2]

And on and on it went. In that first year we averaged almost 15 articles posted each month. At first most were quite short and simple. As time went on it was realized that we needed to focus a little more on what we were trying to say and how we could reach the ones that were tuning in. It became less about any one of us, although that is still intrinsic to the site and always will be. JWStruggle is committed to helping former and current JWs to cope with the confusion and heartbreak of being shunned and mistreated in the congregation. It’s also exists to combat the lies and propaganda being published in the Witness literature and on JW.org, the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses.[3]

During these three years I have had some large personal hurdles too. My wife kicked me out of the house and divorced me because I no longer wanted to be a Jehovah’s Witness type of Christian. I had nowhere to go, and couldn’t afford a lawyer when that bombshell went off. Then shortly thereafter while embroiled in a terrible legal battle to get joint custody of my children the elders sent me a registered letter and demanded that I meet with them on the grounds that I had “apostatized” from the congregation.[4] But through God, friends, fate, faith, the universe, and who knows what other wonderful force(s) that are watching out for me I made it and am doing well and living a simple but happy life. I have deprogrammed my two children and they no longer have any interest in getting baptized as JWs now. Some difficult times are ahead of them as they are still in stealth-mode[5] and attend the Kingdom Hall with their mother when they are with her. But knowledge is power as we all well know and they will be fine as only kids can be when facing adversity.

I have met so many amazing people through this place! I have been encouraged and up built so much these last three years. God has given me many blessings and a great ministry, and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. I have been engrossed in a large YouTube project and accompanying article that has taken me months of work and sometimes I don’t look up and see all the great commenting happening on my own site! Also, I continue to send out TTATT bracelets almost every week, and people are wearing them proudly.[6]

There are about 70,000 that are disfellowshipped every year, and a larger number than that who simply stop attending the Kingdom Hall. This place and all the other wonderful places I link to on the sidebar is one way that can help them. Joining groups like Advocates for Awareness of Watchtower Abuses, or AAWA on Facebook is another.

No matter what we can do, even if it is just sending someone an encouraging word or keeping them in our prayers, let’s continue the Struggle. We have the rest of our lives ahead of us after leaving the Watchtower Organization, and we want to make the best of it!
With Kind Regards,
Eric Bottorff aka JJ
For those of you that have asked, here is another prayer:

God we ask that you bless the efforts of those that are hurting and confused and trapped inside the Witness mindset. Please help them and help us to free our minds and reach a place where we can just be a contributing member of this planet and this life that we have now.

May we drop the weight of the Watchtower off our shoulders and move on, forgiving others and remembering that Jesus said we can stop judging and we should love one another.

In his name we pray to you now,


[1] There is a lot more I can say about what has happened to Greybeard in the last year or so, and I will when the time is right. See this page for a list of over 50 of the excellent and sincere articles he contributed while here.
[2] Andrew is a fader and has long since moved on mentally and is no longer captive to the mind control of the Watchtower. He too used the blogging here for a time as a therapeutic way to work though his own personal belief system. His wife is a sincere Witness who as yet has not woke up to TTATT (a “sleeper” as we say) but the pair have managed to maintain an equilibrium in their marriage and keep their relationship strong. Andrew’s initial story can be heard on mp3 here.
[3] I recently made a new video about the trickery that goes on at the FAQ page of the official Jehovah’s Witness website, JW.org. You can see it here for proof of the prevarication that goes one in Witness writings. They do not want the public to know what they really believe and teach on certain key topics.
[4] The entire record of my letters and subsequent meetings with three elders that formed a judicial committee against me so as to spiritually execute me can be found on my YouTube channel.
[5] Yet another phrase we ended up adopting to describe someone that attends the Hall but is mentally out of the Watchtower mindset and control but is in hiding.
[6] The TTATT bracelets have gone out to Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Denmark, and many states all over the USA. They are sent to anyone that asks for one at no cost, and have been a source of strength to many that wear them. If you are unsure of what TTATT stands for, click here.

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80 Comments on Three years of JWStruggle

  1. Londo says:

    “Then the man said, ‘Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.'”–Genesis 32:28


  2. man oh man says:

    Thanks for this site Erik, it is different from the other sites as it enables me to go to a place that is kept respectful and fresh! I hope you don’t ever give up this fight because you are helping so many and most likely have even saved some lives. You are a Hero friend. I know you won’t like being called a Hero since no Hero that I have ever known like it, but that is what you are, and so are those that have come along with you.


  3. Frank says:

    In other words, Do you designate your children as Christian or children of a Christian? Do you believe that your function is to teach them HOW to think or to tell them WHAT to think?


    • JJ says:

      Good questions Frank. I am trying to give them critical thinking skills now that we have the freedom to think for ourselves.

      Teaching children HOW to think is key. And I have told them they can disagree with me, and they can tell me anything and I will still love them unconditionally.

      Do you have kids yourself? What is your philosophy on teaching them in this regard?


      • Frank says:

        Good questions Frank. I am trying to give them critical thinking skills now that we have the freedom to think for ourselves.

        Teaching children HOW to think is key. And I have told them they can disagree with me, and they can tell me anything and I will still love them unconditionally.

        Do you have kids yourself? What is your philosophy on teaching them in this regard?

        Hi JJ. Thanks for the clarification. I have had a number of children in my life. I have seen many of them think independently for themselves. As we both know, fundamentalist religion teaches children from infancy WHAT to think. I was just a bit concerned that when the word ‘deprogramming’ is used, that this suggests indoctrinating them with something else.

        Another thing I have seen is many many children with high intelligence left floundering with no future prospects having missed much needed educational possibilities gone to waste waiting for “Armageddon.” This, of course, is waiting on the good pleasure of the WTBTS. I don’t want this ever to happen again.

        Thanks for your reply.



  4. Rupunzelsawake says:

    Thanks Eric for starting this site and keeping it going!! Thanks for “letting your light shine”! It was largely hearing your JC meeting that brought me to the site, what you said, and the way you handled yourself, with such integrity! Truly this site has been a life-saver! It has empowered and comforted me personally. It is a site where we can develop the qualities of love, humility and endurance. We can also make friends here….and learn! Thankyou to all the brothers who have contributed excellent articles! All your efforts are paying off, and will continue to do so I’m sure!


  5. Joe VanDeGejuchte says:


    I am grateful that you started this site. I have learned a great deal about the Bible and I continually enjoy the fellowship of the brothers and sisters here. We are all blessed that jwstruggle exists.



  6. Wakeupwitness says:

    I really hope that more and more JWs will “wake up”. I guess when some of us finally do we have to express our feelings and be heard. Now that I got it out of my system I shut down my “wakeupwitness” channel on YouTube. I have moved on. I’m not obsessed with Watchtower stuff anymore. We’ve all been there looking up this publication and that scripture and ordering this or that book from amazon or eBay. It gets to a point that it is possible to keep “beating a dead horse” and realize it’s time to move on with life and finally realize the whole belief of JWs is a total fraud.


  7. Ruth says:

    Hi Frank.
    My sons came out of the Tower when one was 38 and the other 25yearsold. “Straight away they studied and both have great Jobs now. One became chief of crime and fraud. The other is a computer wizard. Plus now has a company in the stock market trade.

    These two boys had home schooling for many years in the pacific. They simply got on with life.
    No excuses. All xwitness children can do the same. My youngest went to uni and studied law also.
    At the moment he is interesed in politics? “But thats his life. “He also has a Rock band.
    Atleast they have tried very hard. And im very proud of them both. One now owns a top floor apartment in a city South America. Yet they were once uneducated boys. ‘Goes to show us we can do anything if we try.

    Of cause you will not like this as l wanted them to keep looking towards there heavenly Father.
    But one thing l have done is always been a good example to them both. What more can l do
    but be very grateful they are both industrious.


  8. frank b says:

    great Eric love your stuff keep up the good work my friend


  9. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Hi Eric, thank you for starting this site, It is encouraging to know I was not a lone sheep in matters of many things that have bothered me in the 35 plus years of associating with the JW OR, regarding legalistic mind control, bending of scriptures to suit man made control over others and the worst, sitting in the place of Christ, and Jehovah. Many questions, were cleared up by others shares, and much wisdom about the bilble was posted here. God certainly works in mysterious ways, thanks, Eric and all sharers of truth.


  10. Frank says:

    Hi Ruth.

    It’s good to hear that you and your children have a balanced view towards the future.

    As a child of the ’60s there would have been no thought given to a future in ‘Satan’s world.’ With 1975 not far off it would have almost apostate to have thought of anything that gave the impression of putting down roots and seeking ‘ungodldy goals.’

    Today, ironically, the WTBTS is happy for many of their acolytes to become civil engineers, administrators, builders, financial speculators, etc, as all these could be used to “further kingdom interests.” Meanwhile the lost and disenfranchised generations are left dangling with few, if any, prospects other than to become pioneers and elders. Of course, making a fortune in “Satan’s world” is a safe bet too as contributions as large as a person likes will always be met with a kingdom smile as the cash register rings gleefully.



  11. BU2B says:

    Thanks so much for this article, this site and all your efforts helping JWs awaken. The articles on this site are so encouraging and comforting, which to me is neccesary at the tumultuous time that is leaving the JW movement mentally, and then physically.

    I am so glad that after the stormy times you have endured, you have weathered it all successfully. You have been and are a great encouragement and inspiration to me, and it is deeply appreciated. I hope to meet you face to face one day, preferably along with a awakened wife, lord willing.

    Thank you again, and congratulations on 3 years of jwstruggle.org.

    With my warmest regards,


  12. DS211 says:

    Thanks Eric! I know I’ve only had a few conversations with you! I’m glad you’re teaching your kids to think critically. Honestly that’s what has helped combat the mind control techniques that have been attempted on me by the org. Hope this work continues. I’ve yet to reach my wife and can still use some techniques tried by any on here to help reach a born-in witness. My wife is strong in her beliefs but let slip the other day that when she was raised to just follow everything that men said that it never helped, and that it was the relationship she had to build with God. I find that quite strange as she still goes with these teachings when there’s a scripture thrown at her. I DO plan to use these “new lights” in the present WT to hopefully reach whatever independent thinking process she has away from the org. But like I said, any techniques that have helped anyone here I’m open to trying.


  13. DS211 says:

    cont… Sorry but just in case Eric doesn’t want this space clogged up with my problems (ha) my email is no_wun_knows@hotmail.com


  14. Disappointed says:

    JJ… Eric… my brother. It’s been almost 2 years since I first came here. I’d just read Crisis of conscience and was in pieces. I found this website even before jwfacts or any other website. It was perfect! The very first blog I read was ‘Don’t Lose Heart’, it was just what I needed! Ever since then your website has sustained me through some very difficult times. Your friendship and brotherly love since then has helped me through a period of distress, confusion and uncertainty. I’m just so glad that 22 months ago I came across this wonderful place!


    • San Luis JW Seeker says:

      Disappointed, we both are in the same boat (I started with ISOCF), I needed that book to explain why I was enslaved to the Organization. Are you reading the Bible still, it sure read’s differently from what the Organization teaches! I found listening to good teachers online is great for our souls. I wish Eric would do some Bible Podcast on different subjects we can enjoy or take to work! Eric is a incredible speaker, I saw him give many talks and loved his style! He never was a dead-speaker, did his homework, helped us understand instead of attacking the Deaf “Sign Language” and “Teachers Unions” or screwing up speaking Chicano flustered to death(M. Luki).

      Did you know at Meetings the a couple of brothers would mention Apostate Books in the very early 1980s (20 Years of Watchtower Slave), PO said “He died in a insane asylum with glee in his eyes and voice!” Only a Cult would rejoice over the death of anyone, they fear internal scrutiny, in Eric’s Hall the Witch Hunt is still on, C W Barnum is turning over every stone looking for the lone-wolf apostate. It’s spread to Ocean View now, I feel my days at the Kingdom Hall are numbered! Thank’s to Eric, we have a safe place for now!


    • JJ says:

      Awww shucks Sis that’s lovely… that’s why we are all here for one another.


  15. Frank says:

    Hi DS211. I’m not sure whether you mean me above here. You could start a forum discussion on Struggle and send put the URL on this page. This is better so Reader can join if he wants and I prefer a public debate to a private one.

    Failing that, I will be happy to email you.



  16. Brother Skeptical says:

    Congratulations deprogramming your kids, at least they don’t have to take idiots like Dave and Mike serious anymore. Dave InGrimReaper once gave a talk at our Kingdom Hall with his piousneer wife, he commented how “Deaf People are using tools of Satan, it’s not right using sign language” as he quotes the Book of Job, how Job never winked or made any symbol with his hand. Dave’s second comment was to abolish the Teacher’s Union, why is Dave such a hater of Unions, is that because his wife he married has all the cash? She cleaned her husband in Bakersfield out while Dave is happy to attack educated hard working people. Is Daaaavvveee the guy who blamed you for being a Apostate? He is ultra political and a Rush Limbo and Glenn Beck and Dr. Savage Right-wing nut, is politics cool now for JWs?


  17. DS211 says:

    Welp I heard it again last night: “how vital it is that we follow the guidance and spiritual food given by Jehovah and his faithful and discreet slave–the governing body when they are together making decisions.” Huh? Where’s Christ again? This new light sure does help us to be more confused about the parable they deem prophecy in Matthew 24. I forgot that Christ said he was going to phase himself out of the equation and put all the leadership and spiritual distribution of Holy Spirit-inspired (inspired? Oops that’s right they’re not prophets) material. Hm. I feel like I entered the twighlight zone for and hour and a half…..


  18. Frank says:

    Hi DS211. I’m confused. Are we having an in-depth conversation? Perhaps JJ could instruct us how to set up a forum discussion or, if he is happy, for us to continue here.

    Anyway, your comments above; Over on JW Survey, latest article, we are informed that the dear “Faithful and Discreet Slave” have sold off 3 more branches. I wonder if this news will appear in any WT publications, and more importantly, if so, how it will be ‘spun.’

    Ongoing and eternal growth was the promise and the hope. It seems to be turning to ashes. Perhaps, DS211, this is why the “FDS” are putting out feelers to see how the loyalty-meter is looking. “Loyalty” is over-rated. Why? Because it’s a one-way street. Our beloved leaders – yes, I will say ‘leaders’ – reserve the right to change the rules of the “game” as they see fit and whenever they see fit depending on zeitgeist and financial needs (child abuse cases etc).

    I was baptised before 1985, if you know what I mean.

    Now the brethren are being told to stay loyal even if the decision “seems unwise from a human standpoint.” Will this involve plane trips to Guyana, stocking up on cool-aid, or stockpiling weapons? Who knows. Of course, I’m joking…

    Could be all part of the plan.



  19. nolongerafraid says:

    JJ, this site has been an amazing help to me. Now I’m 7 months out of the tower. You and others here helped give me the courage to make my leap of faith and spend my “field service” and “meeting” time on myself, doing my own research and investigating the Society. Your judicial meeting, videos, and posts have been just the right thing at the right time. I remember cautiously searching for something online but being so paranoid and afraid of so-called apostate thinking. Some other sites were so filled with hate, bitterness, and foul language, but I found this site to be a refreshing place. “Apostates” here are my brothers and sisters, joined together in the struggle, and I am so proud of all of us for putting God above an organization. Prayers for you and your family and congratulations on three years of your ministry here!


  20. Rupunzelsawake says:

    What a great comment nolongerafraid!! It was JJs judicial meeting that brought me to this site! He “let his light shine” and lead the way for others! Without the support I have found here I wouldn’t have been able to do the things I’ve done, and am doing! Like you I wasn’t interested in a site filled with anger, even though many of us have every reason to be angry. I think all of us here are determined to be united in love, and humility, despite our differences. Not one of us can have all the answers yet so we have no right to judge one another! We’ve left all that behind! Welcome aboard!


  21. C M says:

    I am so happy for you nolongerafraid, this was one of the first sites i found that were “apostate” and yet was full of sincere and honest and upbuilding blogs. I have not stepped foot in a kingdom hall for just as long as you have but i did go to the district convention with my very active jw gf to please her and listen to the “apostate symposium”. I have told my story many times but our mission here is to help others as well find their way and sort things out like some of us are still doing. Our relationship with god does not depend on the organization and following their made up rules that have no biblical basis to back them up. I hope that many more can learn TTATT and be free of the false teachings of the WT.


    • danielB says:

      Thank you Eric for 3 years of good reading and association here . It has helped many to stand on their feet ( and a little on Jesus’ feet too . ) Can’t hardly wait until , if permissible , I can snuggle right up next to our Big Brother at His Throne ! Also you have helped us all in drawing close to God , as He draws close to us . . . . your bubba in Christ .


  22. Stanley says:

    Hello there Eric:

    I made my journey out of the Watchtower about ten years ago now. About the only place I found where I could do much the same you used this site to do was one owned and run by a Bible Student where I posted anonymously. In time that was the direction I went and now fellowship with them. Through the years I’ve been active on several forums under an alias and keep that in some places simply for continuity.

    I found out about this site because a dear sister posted a link to one of your pages over at Friends of Jehovah’s Witnesses and I think you are providing one of the better places ones thinking of leaving the Watchtower can stop by on there way out. People don’t often get it that some sort of catharsis is needed for many who leave. It’s not that they are the bitter sort of folks the Watchtower paints all “Apostates” to be, it is just that they need to get things out of their systems and come to grips with both their experiences in the Watchtower and what they are going to do now.

    I’m something of a busy fellow lately, and quite happy now despite my bad health, but I think I will add your site to my place to regularly stop by.

    Χαρις και ερηνη


  23. lifeforce says:

    Hi Eric,

    I haven’t been here for a while and am so pleased you have been able to continue the good ministry you have helping our dear ones to heal from the mind control in the WTBTS. I am really pleased you have been able to come through the difficult time that you have and can create a life for you and your children.
    I have continued to receive healing prayer and loving ministry form the new contacts I have in two Churches. I thought I was really clear of the ‘hooks’ and ’emotional fear’ and discovered I was in need of more healing and ‘deprogramming’. I have been meeting with a sister I knew many years ago who left and was shunned. She took 16 years to realise that Jehovah hadn’t condemned her but has been a Lay preacher now for some years. It is really encouraging to talk to her and have her support. I am blessed and wish all here can be brave and step out and find the true healing power of GOd’s love and the provision of the ransom sacrifice. Thank you very much for your service Eric and God bless you.


    • JJ says:

      What a lovely bend in the road your life has taken- and mine too since figuring out TTATT and gaining Christian freedom!

      God bless you as well lifeforce.


  24. Sunset says:

    Three wasted years. What a pity. Eric lost the real truth, his wife, loving brothers and sisters and Jehovah’s approval


    • FemaleApologist says:

      Sunset, I miss Eric attending meetings, if only he could ignore his conscience and stop reading the Bible. JWs must avoid reading the Bible without proof-texts are we get confused and need a second or third audit by the elders, glad we are not in Scientology or those audits could cost us thousands of dollars!

      “”If we were following a man undoubtedly it would be different with us; undoubtedly one human idea would contradict another and that which was light one or two or six years ago would be regarded as darkness now;… But with God there is no variableness, neither shadow of turning, and so it is with truth; any knowledge or light coming from God must be like its author. A new view of truth never can contradict a former truth. “New Light” never extinguishes older “light” but adds to it…” Zion’s Watch Tower 1881 Feb pp.3,188″

      ” “It is a serious matter to represent God and Christ in one way, then find that our understanding of the major teachings and fundamental doctrines of the Scriptures was in error, and then after that, to go back to the very doctrines that, by years of study, we had thoroughly determined to be in error. Christians cannot be vacillating— ‘wishy-washy’ — about such fundamental teachings. What confidence can one put in the sincerity or judgment of such persons?” —The Watchtower, May 15, 1976, p. 298″


    • A Man For All Seasons says:

      Sunset says: “Three wasted years. What a pity. Eric lost the real truth, his wife, loving brothers and sisters and Jehovah’s approval”

      Well, Sunset, in light of your concern about “Jehovah’s approval”, please notice the very specific and pointed comments of the following Watchtower study article from the week of September 5-11, 2011?:

      “Will You Heed Jehovah’s Clear Warnings?”

      “How can we protect ourselves against false teachers? The Bible’s counsel….is clear. (Read Romans 16:17; 2 John 9-11) “Avoid them,” says God’s Word. Other translations render that phrase “turn away from them,” “keep away from them,” and “stay away from them!” There is nothing ambiguous about that inspired counsel….apostates are “mentally diseased”….(1 Tim. 6:3, 4) Jehovah, the Great Physician, tells us to avoid contact with them….are we determined to heed his warning in all respects? What is involved in avoiding false teachers? We do not receive them into our homes or greet them…. refuse to read their literature….examine their Web sites, or add our comments to their blogs. Why do we take such a firm stand? Because of love. We love “the God of truth”….(Ps. 31:5; John 17:17)…. Why, then, allow yourself to be soured by anyone who would denigrate the organization….” ~ Watchtower 2011, 7/15, pg.16, par.6,7

      So, according to this Watchtower study article, those who “love” Jehovah (“the God of truth”) will “refuse” to examine web sites like this one, or add comments to their blogs. Accordingly, Sunset do you view this very specific counsel from the “fds/gb” as being “real truth”? Are you determined to heed the warning of the “Great Physician” in all respects? And, thus by ignoring this counsel/warning can you expect to have Jehovah’s approval Sunset; at least according to the Watchtower article as quoted above?

      Please understand, I am not personally encouraging you to leave or to refrain from posting here. As I know that Eric has made it abundantly clear that you are welcome to view and post.

      However, before posting in the future, perhaps you could analyze your comments in the light of the following commentary from a 1978 Awake! magazine article:

      “….a very unfair and untrue type of propaganda….assumes a superior air of dismissal of an opponent’s viewpoint, treating it as rather pathetic and really not worth attention….in order to evade questions that they cannot answer….So they resort to making assertions, and they scoff at all who dare to dispute them.” ~ Awake 1978, 8/22, pg.4, par.2

      Do you notice a correlation, Sunset, between your remarks dismissing Eric as pitiful, asserting that he has wasted three years of his life and the Watchtower article characterizing those types of remarks as being a form of propaganda that “assumes a superior air of dismissal of an opponent’s viewpoint, treating it as rather pathetic and really not worth attention”?

      That same 1978 Awake! article also made this pertinent observation:

      “….the propagandist sees to it that his message is made to seem wise, the right and moral one, and gives you a sense of importance and belonging if you follow it. You are one of the smart ones, you are not alone, you are comfortable and secure—so they say. Propagandists have little respect for people’s thinking abilities….” ~ Awake 1978, 8/22, pg.3, par.1,2

      Once again, Sunset, can you see the correlation between the above quoted description of propaganda techniques from the Watchtower article and your remark that Eric lost the “real truth”, “his wife”, “loving brothers and sisters” and “Jehovah’s approval”? And your statement proves? Reason, logic? ~ Romans 12:1 (NWT)

      What conclusive, indisputable evidence can you present that Eric lost the “real truth” and “Jehovah’s approval? Further what solid scriptural evidence can you present unquestionably demonstrating that the “brothers and sisters” who now shun Eric are loyal and loving friends who are demonstrating Christian love? ~ Matthew 5:21,22,43-47; Matthew 9:10-13; Proverbs 17:15,17 (NWT)

      Yes, regrettably, we do know that Eric lost his wife. And, conversely, we also know that Eric’s wife lost him (her husband). But, exactly what does that prove? And more importantly, “why oh why” would any Christian want to publicly pour salt in the wound of someone suffering from family breakup? ~ Philippians 4:8; Colossians 3:12-14 Proverbs 25:11 (NWT)

      Thus, I look forward to your future posts and expression of your viewpoints, which Eric has graciously welcomed. But it is to be hoped that, in the future, you will do so in the spirit of 1Peter 3:15, with a “mild temper” and “deep respect”. And with your “power of reason”. ~ Romans 12:1 (NWT)

      A Man For All Seasons
      4th generation JW

      “A simple man believes every word he hears; a clever man understands the need for proof.” (Prov. 14:15 ~ The New English Bible)

      “But do most people carefully analyze the real issues involved….? Or do they just accept what they are told?” ~ Awake 2000, 6/22, pg.6 par.10


      • JimmyG says:

        To A man for all seasons- I referred sunset and his/her comrade in arms ‘skyrainbow’ to this WT quote ages ago. It’s all to no avail. Your comments are full of common sense and reasoning, but reasoning with sunset and skyrainbow has proved fruitless. They have nothing to offer but finger pointing and name calling, yet just by associating with ‘apostates’. they disobey their masters whom they profess to be obedient and loyal to.


        • Frank says:

          To A man for all seasons- I referred sunset and his/her comrade in arms ‘skyrainbow’ to this WT quote ages ago. It’s all to no avail. Your comments are full of common sense and reasoning, but reasoning with sunset and skyrainbow has proved fruitless. They have nothing to offer but finger pointing and name calling, yet just by associating with ‘apostates’. they disobey their masters whom they profess to be obedient and loyal to.

          This is because, though humans are only partly rational, these WT ‘apostates’ prove this more so.


    • JJ says:


      I know that you are trying your best to defend what you believe to be “The Truth”, but if you spoke to your local elders they would likely say your time would be better spent in the door-to-door ministry.

      Many of us here also used to defend the Watchtower from those that disagreed with it- but not anymore.


  25. Chris says:

    Have you been talking to Jehovah lately Sunburnt?
    Did He tell you who he has approved and disapproved of?
    I suppose you still believe that Jesus approved the WTS in 1919 because they told you so do you?
    Or have they changed their mind about that now?
    Perhaps you and the WTS should stop listening to those voices in your heads.
    Run along now Sunburnt, it must be time for your daily demon download.


  26. V says:

    Watching the video on YouTube made me relize how the WT has too much control over the org. I remember being a kid and going to the meeting 3 times a week. I also remember believing I once had the truth only to relize as I got older and started my own research. This was Russell ‘s version of his own truth. Another man made truth! I do believe in Jehovah ! I just don’t have faith in the org or WT! They hid the real truth from their own people about how it first started and how they keep trying to tell us the end is near. The end has been coming for a long time.


  27. Sunset says:

    Chris, why are you so angry with me?
    Eric is telling always he so glad to have folks on his heels, posting comments here. I appreciate that standpoint and it is my sincere opinion Eric took several wrong decisions in his live and must take now the consequences. I feel so sorry for him and hope he will return to our loving father Jehovah in time.
    Chris, when you call me sunburnt and downloaded by demons I am not offended because I know you are also misled.


    • Chris says:

      I’m not angry with you Sunset, just astonished and disappointed that you claim such devotion and obedience to a group of men!
      And in the very same breath you knowingly disagree with them by posting here when they tell you not to!
      So you either have what you would call ‘apostate’ tendencies, or you somehow think that you are above their counsel.
      As for the majority of us here we do not recognize the WTS as “God’s channel of communication” nor do we recognize the GB as the faithful and discreet slave of Matt.24:45-47.
      And if you can PROVE that Jesus has already approved and appointed them as of 1919 then I promise you I will repent in dust & ashes.
      The sad truth is that their claim is as pompous as the Catholic Church’s claim that the Pope is descended from Peter.
      Yet, being a JW, you can see the Catholic claim as biblical flawed but refuse to examine the validity of what the GB is saying to you about their own status before Jehovah.
      Unlike the Beroeans who “CAREFULLY EXAMINED these things to see if they were so” you swallow everything they tell you.


  28. Frank says:

    Sunset has the rare ability to house the dualistic thoughts that somehow he is chosen personally by God to be apostle to the apostates and be fully in harmony with the contradictory teaching that he is a WT apostate merely by being here.

    Of course, Sunset is obviously doubting his own faith in the Organisation or why else would he keep coming back?


  29. Rupunzelsawake says:

    Hi any NZ “apostates”. Please could you back me up in making a complaint to the Human Rights Commission of NZ regarding breaches of the National Statement of Religious Diversity in NZ, following the “Human Apostates” Talk at the 2013 DC. That kind of hate speech is just not acceptable, especially from those claiming to be tolerant of the beliefs of others, as stated on jw.org, and who appeal to “Satan’s system” for the right to preach their own beliefs uninvited. We have to start somewhere! Come on people!


  30. Rupunzelsawake says:

    Oh by the way here’s a link to the Human Rights Commission on-line complaint form:


  31. Chris says:

    I would be happy to lay a complaint, especially given the way the WTS manipulates worldly institutions to protect their preaching work.
    I didn’t attend the assembly thankfully so don’t know exactly what was said, but from the reaction of my son I can imagine it was the usual propaganda.
    Does anyone have a transcript, or is there a recording to base my complaint on?


  32. Rupunzelsawake says:

    Hi Chris. The Human apostates Talk is on youtube. It really is quite shocking. I attended the DC last weekend (in Porirua) and the speaker used the identical illustration of “Satan’s helpers in the kitchen” with all the same rhetoric and name calling, though not nearly as well delivered as the speaker on youtube. Remember that the public are invited to hear this, and the DC was promoted as something “for the whole family”..see jw.org video clip promo. here’s the link:


  33. Rupunzelsawake says:

    Hi again Chris. You might like to check out this article in the Kapi-Mana newspaper about the DC in Porirua, NZ. Of course it is unbalanced having the usual PR spin and half-truths. I thought only apostates were guilty of telling half-truths! If the cap fits!


  34. Pkhrull says:

    Hi Eric,
    I just wanted to take this moment as I visit to thank you for all your hard word and those of the other writers and posters. I have been reading and rarely posting since Dec 2011. That is when I also stopped attending meetings and started a complete fade after subconsciously fading for two years. This website and others have really helped me cope and analyze fact from fiction. I pray that God continues to bless your efforts to help those struggling both inside and outside of the JW cult.


    • JJ says:

      Thanks PKhrull. There are hundreds of thousands of folks like you and me and the rest of us, struggling to break free of the WT mindset and culture, and I’m glad that you have taken the time to “analyze fact from fiction” as you said.

      Good luck in your journey.



  35. Frank says:

    Hi Pkhrull. You use the words, ‘analyse fact from fiction.’ This nicely dovetails into the propaganda Rupunzelsawake cites in her comment:

    …”This year’s theme was “God’s Word is Truth”, something Jehovah’s Witnesses took very seriously, Mr Delmarter said.

    “The religion, founded in the late 1800s in the United States, is based on early Christianity.

    “While members do not shun modernity as do the Amish, they live their lives by first- century teachings.

    “If we can’t find support for something in the scriptures, we do not support it,” Mr Delmarter said.”

    See if you can pick fact from fiction here.

    Of course, these are the standard half-truths indoctrinated into ‘spokesmen.’ “God’s Word is Truth”? This means a religion’s personal interpretation of the Bible; the rest is name-dropping to ‘demonstrate’ authority.

    I noticed here a rare truthful word of clarity. Yes, Watchtower flavour is “based” on First-century Christianity. But that’s it – based. In films, when we see the qualification: “This story is based on true events,” do we accept that it is accurate or that certain liberties have been taken to make a good story? What about the more modern: “This story was inspired by true events”?

    Yet again, a rare accurate statement: If we can’t find support…Bible.” “Support” reminds of join-the-dots games. Then there’s “If we can’t find it.” Obviously they’re looking for it!

    I wonder whether dear old Charles would be proud of what his efforts wrought!



  36. sunset says:

    Someone who leaves Jehovah’s people is free now to
    -take drugs
    -drink as much he wants
    -practicing lawlessness
    -selecting entertainment promoting occult practices
    -view pornography
    -be involved in cybersex and other degrading habits
    -commit sexual immorality, etc

    But he loses the real christian freedom in the service of the Most High God. He loses the qualities that are essential to freedom -love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, mildness, selfcontrol ( Gal. 5:22,23)


    • Sunamber says:

      You have an erroneous idea of People who have left the Organization and those who are not or ever been Jehovahs Witness’. Most of us who have awakened to the REAL TRUTH about the watchtower organization don’t leave …. to sin. Most of us live morally clean lifes and Love Deeply Our Almighty God Jehovah and HIS true provision Jesus Christ Our saviour and mediator. I have made beautiful friendships with other christians of other faiths who truly love God and put their faith in Christ. They do not Fornicate , get drunk or take illicit drugs, cheat , lie , commit adultry, do not gossip,Do not judge, help others regardles of what religion they are. I believed the lies too at one time. I thought only jehovahs witness’ had the fruitages of the spirit. After all God only loves them. How false that is! I know most of you are sincere and really believe what you are taught from the watchtower but I feel so so sorry for you. I pray for the witness because you follow men and don’t even realize it. Please know our Almighty God Jehovah loves all of his children. He is not small just to love a group who think they posses the truth.


  37. sunset says:

    As the Watchtower says: Jehovah cares deeply about all those who have expressed love for his name, even if they are not actively serving him at present. Soon, Jehovah’s day will come. Now is the time to return to our heavenly Fathers loving arms and to the congrgation — the only save haven in these last days.


  38. Frank says:

    Someone who leaves organised religion is free now to

    -think for themselves

    -make decisions free from coming under accusation from other judgemental people

    -not be weighed down under by the constant guilt that they bear the blame for a “sin” carried out allegedly over 6,000 years ago.

    -practice a greater variety of lawful things without having to feel like someone else disapproves of them just because it goes against a religion’s sensibilities.

    -are free from all sorts of nonsense superstitions and watch Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings without thinking they’ll be attacked by a rabid smurf possessed by demons.

    -find that they can enjoy congress in other ways than just the missionary position

    -make healthy decisions for themselves

    Sunset, grow up! Do you honestly think that when one ‘forsakes’ the security blanket you hold so close to you that they go crazy and engage in dangerous, unhealthy activities. No, mostly it’s to get away from dysfunction humans who enjoy puppetry.



  39. JimmyG says:

    Sunset has been drinking the kool-aid. Sunset’s quote is from Sunday’s WT study. Of course this is all mind controlled JWs can do – quote WT articles or use WT phraseology (Sunset’s first comment is a typical example of this). Interestingly, this article and the ones to follow it seems are aimed at rank and file JWs to unquestioningly obey the GB and their deputies (elders). Funny, I thought Jesus was the head of the christian congregation? No mention of him though in this article.

    Sunset’s first comment makes 2 presumptions(Sunset has learned well from the WT, as most of what it says is presumption and not based on scripture).
    Presumption 1- People who leave the WT are very likely to drop their moral code and live hedonistic lifestyles.
    Presumption 2- That service to Jehovah can only be done through the WT organisation.

    Actually Sunset, active JWs are ‘free’ to commit the sins in your list (and many do), as long as they don’t get caught….and you can add one more sin (and more importantly crime) to your list: child abuse.


  40. rupunzelsawake says:

    Throwing off the yoke of men, in this case, the GB, enabled me to find the real refreshment (and freedom) of being under Christ’s yoke, together with him. Only in him is it possible to really produce the fruitage of the spirit. JWs do not have Christ’s spirit in them, working in their lives, even though they think they do. That is why there is a huge problem with immorality, pornography, alcohol abuse, etc, in the organisation. Every year at assemblies and conventions I would hear the same old talks about avoiding these things and I would wonder why God’s “cleansed people” would need to hear these things, over and over and over again. Until I left the WT I was like the ones described at 2 Timothy 3:6,7. Not anymore. I have the REAL truth now, and that is Jesus!


  41. miscreant droid says:

    Feeling a little judgmental, Sunset? I assure that that my ‘worldly’ friends who are Christian are also concerned with avoiding the subjects on your list. When you say “Someone who leaves Jehovah’s people” are you referring to JWs, or those who don’t take an interest in God’s word? Sunset, your statement is entirely accurate only if you recognize that Jehovah’s people can be found everywhere in Christendom.

    I would actually like an answer from you– If someone is Christian and has the same moral standards as you, are they condemned? If you answer yes, then you worship doctrine ahead of Jehovah. This is why the Pharisees were counted as evil (for they were VERY concerned with God’s law, and believed in their own righteousness because of it).


  42. Frank says:

    Sinset’s argument is an old one that’s been around since Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov where one character says that without God all things are permissible. This is not a convincing argument as the Golden Rule predates Jesus and while the Ten Commandment’s contain some common sense principles, the first three have only claims of authority. Humans have grown through their conscience and will continue to do so, hopefully towards a Humanist world.

    The Enlightenment was the antidote to The Dark Ages and came about mostly because of the excesses of religion and despite it. If Martin Luther was around today, he would have been the guard at the Berlin Wall who refused to shoot.

    Richard Dawkins rightly points out that we don’t get our modern ethical and moral principles from the Bible, thus we are lucky enough to live in a secular society where no priests, elders, or assorted clerics can bully, burn, impale, torture others who choose to opt out of unscientific religious belief.

    Sinset’s cross is one he willingly bears. So be it.



  43. danielB says:

    Yes Sunset . “Someone who leaves Jehovah’s people is free now to . . . ” do all those things you mention . However , first we must identify who Jehovah’s people are , . . . right ?

    You seem to assume that Jehovah’s people are known as “Jehovah’s Witnesses” . As you can probably see , though it’s hard to admit in your situation , Yehowah’s & Jesus’ people are ” from all peoples ” , and not just “Jehovah’s Witnesses” .

    Have you considered that this statement of yours : “As the Watchtower says: Jehovah cares deeply about all those who have expressed love for his name, even if they are not actively serving him at present” , is saying that those who have left the organization are not actively serving Him ? This idea is simply not true either .

    And , once again , we have a prophesy from one of their number , “Soon, Jehovah’s day will come.” Are you quite sure on this Sunset ?

    And you say : “Now is the time to return to our heavenly Fathers loving arms and to the congrgation — the only save haven in these last days.” How is it that you know that we have not stuck within our Heavenly Father’s arms . How is it that you know we are not members of His congregation ?

    You assume that if he leaves that group , ” He loses the qualities that are essential to . . . (fruits of God’s spirit) . . . including “self control” . But in effect , Sunset , we are not allowed self control as Jehovah’s Witnesses . You see “self control” as though it is Watchtower control , right ? : “Self Control” , as understood by Watchtower publications . True ?

    But the Watchtower Society is both too controlling and too lax when it comes to a clear understanding of how Christ controls in our hearts . They stifle this sensitive balance of walking with the Christ .

    I hope you come to realize these things . And I hope that one day soon , or not so soon , that you and I will stand together before Christ , and both be approved . This will not be dependent upon being in a certain named Christian organization .

    If you would like supporting information on my reply , I would be happy to furnish it . Check to see that what they are telling you is truly in agreement with the Scriptures . Be as the Boreans – “more noble-minded” .

    Sincerely ,

    bro dan


  44. sunset says:

    “May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right”–Peter Marshall


    • miscreant droid says:

      Great quote. Thanks for that, Sunset. I remember reading a similar rendering in a David Gerald novel once– “Freedom is the right to take responsibility for your actions.” This idea, in my interpretation, includes the right not to be severely punished for minor misdeeds, or to be punished at all for what is not unlawful. Give this some thought, my friend, Sunset, and tell me if you understand why so many of us distrust the Organization’s policies considering that we are still concerned with Jehovah’s laws.

      Thanks for posting with us, MD


  45. sunset says:

    In his book “The Politics of Religious Apostasy: The role of Apostates in the Transformation of Religious Movement” Professor David Bromley, Department of Sociology and Anthropology of Virginia Commonwealth University, explained how individuals who elect to leave a chosen faith MUST THEN BECOME CRITICAL OF THEIR RELIGION IN ORDER TO JUSTIFY THEIR DEPARTURE. This then opens the door to being recruited and used by organizations (JWstruggle, JWsurvey?) which seek to use their testimony as a weapon against a minority religion. “Others may ask, if the group is as transparently evil as he now contends, why did he espouse its cause in the first place? In the process of trying to explain his own seduction and to confirm the worst fears about the group, the apostate is likely to paint a caricature of the group that IS SHAPED MORE BY HIS CURRENT ROLE AS APOSTATE THAN BY HIS ACTUAL EXPERIENCE IN THE GROUP”.


    • miscreant droid says:

      I wonder if Professor Bromley included the Apostle Paul as an example in his surveys, for he did the exact same thing. For that matter, Jesus fits the bill pretty well, too, for Bromley’s description of what qualifies as an apostate (Matt 23:1-39). Feel free to read the entire bible again so that you can see pretty much ALL of the prophets could be called apostates by Jehovah’s official organized religion at their time of preaching. Sunset, I would like to commend you for sticking up for the Organization. I truly think it’s the right thing for you to do. You are adhering to a program that encourages moral guidelines (even if that program has errors) and that’s better than not doing anything at all. I and others here have strong disagreements with the GBs program based on our careful examination of scripture, but very few of us are preaching what is ungodly, even by your standards. I can’t indoctrinate anyone into this religion even though I still attend meetings, because I have seen so often how people can be abused by Elders who hold a very real threat of disfellowshipment over them for some extraordinarily petty reasons (many of which go beyond what is written). If you’ve read some of my posts from way back, you know that I held a high card when I was in contention with the Elders in my congregation, namely, money was owed to me by one of them. If it were not for that I have no doubts that I would have been disfellowshipped. The christ’s complaints in Matt chp, 23 can be applied so precisely to the tribunal that was too fearful to bring me to justice that I realized that Jesus was warning those WITHIN the Organization of JWs about Elders (if it was the only true religion), rather than condemning ‘worldly’ priests. I am still certain that it is possible to serve Jah at the Kingdom Hall, but I would recommend caution for any who think they are capable of interpreting, let alone making predictions about, the meaning of complex scriptures..

      Keep your mind open, for you might be condemning righteous men and women who are not part of your program, and you could end up in trouble for that when the Great Day comes. (Proverbs 17:15)

      Best wishes, Sunset.


    • rupunzelsawake says:

      The scriptures warn us that Satan will appear as an angel of light (kind of reminds me of “new light”), and his ministers as ministers of righteousness. Even the chosen ones can be deceived into following them. They are masters of deception and had many of us fooled for a long time. We don’t expect current JWs to see this because they are still blinded, the “eyes of their hearts” are closed, but my hope is that many more will wake up and hear the voice of our shepherd, Christ Jesus, and follow him right out of this false religious organisation and find the true freedom belonging to him.


  46. sunset says:

    The voice of our shepherd, Christ Jesus, says also “Be alert, therefore, that the light that is in you is not darkness” (Luke 11:35) and “Not everyone saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord’, will enter into the Kingdom of heavens, but only the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will”. And Jehovah says: “Trust in Jehovah with al your heart, And do not rely on your own understanding. Do not become wise in your own eyes.” Proverbs 3:5,7.


    • miscreant droid says:

      Hi, Sunset. Please keep in mind that Proverbs 3:5,7 refers to those who do not read the law. It is not referring to people like us who give careful consideration to scripture. The way you use that verse takes reasoning ability away from yourself and gives it to the WT, as though you are too afraid to use the wisdom granted to you by God. Take responsibility for your knowledge and don’t let others tell you what truth is. Jehovah actually requires this of you (Prov. 14:15). I learned a lot about the bible studying with JWs, but I learned FAR more when I realized how wrong the policies of ‘doctrine’ are. The truth will set you free.

      As always, thanks for posting with us. MD


  47. rupunzelsawake says:

    Jesus said, “I am giving you a new commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you, that you also love one another. By this all will know you are my disciples, if you have love among yourselves.” I think all here have seen the absence of true brotherly love in “Jehovah’s Organisation” and it is one of the reasons we are all here. It is not unified under love, but under law, and judgment. Those who do not love, do not know Him. “Beloved ones, let us continue loving one another, because love is from God, and everyone who loves has been born from God. He that does not love has not come to know God, because God is love” Has anyone visited Ex-JW Recovery Group 3, of Ex-JW International of facebook? I see evidence of such brotherly love there. Real people…not empty shells.


  48. ruth says:

    Rachel, there was a great whole and true loved seemed to fall into it regarding the Tower.
    But l must admit,l can never say that some l had as friends were not genuine and l miss them terribly. ‘l pray Father opens their eyes to see real truths.

    In the isalnds the bros and sisters were so simple to love, as there love even though they
    new nothing about white mans manipulation tactics were in those days as innocent as doves.. ‘Simple people.

    Alone out there in the pacific they new nothing else except kindness and just trying to make ends meet everyday. They were not empty shells like others. “Unfortunately, easily manipulated like we were into believing the lie.
    They had to pay for there magazines! They could never afford it. They were hardly helped by the rich W/tower even for taps to be installed in there villages to make life easier in my days there.
    It was a hardship for them and probably still is.
    They had to pay for the petrol for there out board motors to do witnessing work?
    Untill l met bro Maritze and told him that problem. ‘How could the Tower exspect them to do that? What a dreadful narssistic behaviour pattern the W/Toweer displayed.

    They took our money, but when we needed help the elders were trained to make excuses why we should not receive help. ‘Any of us. If it was not for the kindness of individuals
    we would have never recieved help at all in some out back territories of the Islands that
    had no boats to bring fresh supplies!

    All the branch was interested in was how may converts were being made.
    Get out of her my people. John 14:6 Jesus is the way the “TRUTH” and the life.


  49. rupunzelsawake says:

    True Ruth. You will find genuine loving people in every religion. I think as JWs we were somewhat stunted in our ability to demonstrate love, by our judgment, and by our being misguided. I’m certain that under the judgmental exteriors of many brothers and sisters is a warm beating heart. How many times I longed to show mercy and understanding to others, but the “rules” would not permit it. I wanted to donate to humanitarian causes, but the organisation frowned upon it, making it seem futile. This has a hardening effect on a person, and is emotionally damaging, wouldn’t you agree?


  50. ruth says:

    What you say is true!
    l also wanted to support more but my love was misguided by the greedy tower who wanted every last penny we had. But since then lm making up for it as now im supporting so many causes cruelty to animals@ children. Rights of woman in the middle east to be educated instead of being put with old men to marry loosing there child hoods.
    The list is getting bigger everyday. Once again learning to be bold and finding my way of helping.
    l recieved a beatiful letter from Amesty Australia the other day thanking me for the work lm doing. l cried as no one ever thanks me for anything .(all accept JJ) He does.

    So if Yahsuah asks me what have l been doing l can say “Lord l have not be turning my back on the cries for help.
    So many now, l feel so happy! But especially working with the wild life organisations.
    Please dont think l am boasting. ‘Just want to share there is life after all outside the Tower that will benefit the earth and all who lives on it. Ruth


  51. rupunzelsawake says:

    You go girl!! Isn’t it great to be free to love people…and our beautiful home planet and all it’s wonders!!!


  52. Patmos says:

    On a sistersite someone says about Cedars immoral lifestyle “he did not have to reveal these details”
    But he had no choice!!
    He did reveal thes things AFTER they were published on an other blog (Skyrainbow). He has put me now on his very long black list.
    For me he is not a responsible, honorable and honest person. I have more respect for JJ.


  53. John S says:


    Much water has passed under the bridge since we last talked. I am glad you are recovering from your divorce/disfellowshipping.

    I feel you were in a tornadic turmoil;unaware of all that was going on on your site when I was banned. I have tried to get re-instated, as I was kicked off for not agreeing with

    1. Andrew

    2. Amos and Patricia

    3. other moderators

    Is it right to ‘disfellowship’ me, a worshiper of Jehovah who has been zealous for helping ex-JW’s get free from mind control? The banning of me from this site is not Christian imo. I’m sure you get my meaning, now after you have been ostracised for speaking your mind to JW’s.

    I appeal to your sense of being cast out for no good reason, to allow me back on the JW Struggle site, so I can have a hand in helping others.


  54. danielB says:

    Hey John . . . Good seeing you here . bro dan


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