How much “new light” can the rank and file publishers take?

Like it or not we are in a spiritual warfare. (2 Cor. 10:4, Eph. 6:12) We must fight every day to safeguard our own imperfect hearts and keep our spiritual balance against this wicked world as all Christians must do. On top of that, many of us are forced to brace up our minds as they are subjected to a barrage of propaganda that assaults us at the Kingdom Hall and in the Watchtower magazine. This can cause many of us cognitive dissonance of the worst kind.

Recently, supposed “new light” has been discovered by the Governing Body regarding just who or what the faithful and discreet slave is, and it is now all over the internet. The following things were publicly announced by these men at their annual meeting:

  • The Faithful and Discreet Slave was NOT appointed at Pentecost 33 C.E., meaning that there has NOT been a continuous line of members of the Slave Class on the earth down through the ages. The Slave Class was only appointed for the first time by Christ in 1919.
  • The “domestics” of Matthew 24:45 are all those who are fed spiritually by the Governing Body, whether of the anointed or “other sheep”.
  • The events described in Matthew 24:46, 47 now refer to Jesus coming during the Great Tribulation and giving the Governing Body their reward in heaven along with the rest of the anointed.
  • The “belongings” of Matthew 24:47 refer to all of Christ’s heavenly and earthly interests.
  • Despite founding the Watch Tower Society, Charles Taze Russell was not part of the Slave Class because he was not alive and serving at Headquarters when Christ made his selection in 1919.

Talk about an enormous reversal in policy and doctrine! Will the rank and file publishers among Jehovah’s Witnesses accept this “different gospel”? Sadly, the evidence suggests that they will accept these confusing reversals in doctrine with ease. (2 Cor 11:4, Gal 1:6-9) Notice how the following verses are rendered in The Message Bible:

It seems that if someone shows up preaching quite another Jesus than we preached–different spirit, different message–you put up with him quite nicely.  (2 Corinthians 11:4 MSG)

I can’t believe your fickleness–how easily you have turned traitor to him who called you by the grace of Christ by embracing a variant message! It is not a minor variation, you know; it is completely other, an alien message, a no-message, a lie about God. Those who are provoking this agitation among you are turning the Message of Christ on its head. Let me be blunt: If one of us–even if an angel from heaven!–were to preach something other than what we preached originally, let him be cursed. I said it once; I’ll say it again: If anyone, regardless of reputation or credentials, preaches something other than what you received originally, let him be cursed.  (Galatians 1:6-9 MSG)

Now that we know The Truth About The Truth, these types of flip flops and manufactured doctrines are fairly easy to spot. But for the sincere and faithful brothers and sisters locked inside the Watchtower, their duty is “not to reason why, but to do or die” in these matters. When it comes from the platform by a Governing Body member, or when it is typed up and printed in a Watchtower magazine or in letter form sent by “The Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses” then it MUST be accepted as the gospel truth since it comes from “their spiritual mother”.

I am in the process of designing over-sized postcards that we will be printing and distributing to any that wish to obtain and use them. Hopefully this will be a tasteful and discreet way to reach ones that have doubts about the Watchtower Organization and its different gospel. The following graphics are proposed for the front and back sides.

One side, horizontal orientation:

The other side, vertical orientation:


I would like your honest feedback on these graphics. Do you like them? Hate them? Have an idea for something better? Please let me know, so that once we get this first design locked in we can move on to another. I already have some other designs I am working on as well for future postcards and/or signs or flyers. Together and with the help of the Holy Spirit we can work through our own personal struggle. In addition to that hopefully we can reach as many others with TTATT as is possible. There are so many of our family members and friends that are trapped inside the Watchtower culture, as well as ones that are studying or thinking of studying with the Witnesses that could benefit by knowing all the facts about this dangerous organization.

In Christ,


(aka “JJ”)

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72 Comments on New Light and Postcards from the Resistance

  1. Keep up the good work,you have a well done page.-Danny Haszard Bangor Maine born 3rd generation Jehovah’s Witness


  2. Freemann says:

    I wonder who was directing Russell? Was he providing food at the proper time and not a member of te F&DS? Isn’t that apostatcy. So can God spirit direct domestics?


  3. Freemann says:

    So can Russell provide food at the proper time or is that apostacy? Did God inspire his writtings as just a domestic Rank and file JW?


  4. serein says:

    hi eric, i think it look real good,wish id had one yesterday when id had a visit from some elders, would have liked to give it to them.


  5. FutureMan says:

    I do not know why, but for some reason just recently I have written a comment and provided a link to a website that I feel is instrumental in shining a light on the “truth” in the darkness of this world, but it was not posted here on this site so either there was a glitch in the posting procedures or my comment was deleted before it was allowed to be posted on this site.

    Whatever the case I will try again and provide the link to this site so that all who are indeed interested in truth as I am, will be able to peruse it.

    May our Heavenly Father bless you all in your endeavor to search for the truth.


  6. Freemann says:

    I have written a few times and no post there is a glitch. Ahh Ray with your life in disarray please spend more time making sure I can post my comments JK.


  7. Anonymous says:

    So , what exactly does is this recent flip flop saying?


  8. Freemann says:

    Honestly whatever they say it says. Does it really even matter. It is about control and the R&F will eat it up. I think this means we are really really no really close to the end that is why god is giving us new light. Lets give more money and go out in service.


    • spike says:

      Honestly whatever they say it says. Does it really even matter.It is about control and the R&F will eat it up.I think this means we are really really no really close to the end that is why god is giving us new light. Lets give more money and go out in service.

      Yep. I was told that the following is from the upcoming January 2013 WT Study Edition :

      As the great tribulation nears, we do not want to be plagued with such anxious thoughts as these:’could I have done more in God’s service? Why

      didn’t I pioneer when I had the opportunity? What prevented me from reaching out to serve as a ministerial servant? Did I put on a real effort to put

      on the new personality? Am I the sort of person Jehovah wants in his new world? Instead of just worrying about such sobering questions, we want

      to use them to analyze ourselves and make sure that we are giving our best in Jehovah’s service. Otherwise, we could be continuing in a way of life

      that may result in even more regrets.

      New conveniently timed light, plus more guilt equals…… ANYONE!??!?!? PRODUCTIVE SLAVES OF MEN.


  9. Inconvenient Truth says:

    Hello everyone. Newbie here. Russell has been mentioned in this thread, but I wanted to get some opinions specific to Russell on this subject. I was wondering if, in addition to avenue for potential wiggle room down the road on this key doctrine, could the WTS be looking to really distance itself from Russell and all of the controversial statements made by Russell in his published articles? Alot of his statements obviously don’t match with the direction taken later by the WTS. They have to realize that in this day and age of the internet that people are connecting dots irregardless of whether they throw alot of the old Watchtower articles and early publications in the closet. The internet has a way of bringing out the skeletons.

    Could this be their opportunity to break free from Russell while coming up with some reasoning that Russell wasn’t directed by Jehovah but had enough “truth” to set him apart from other “Christians” at the time so that the movement he helped to initiate would later be chosen by Christ as they are claiming in 1919?


  10. whateverhappenedtome says:

    Is there already an official release of jw publications stating the above mentioned ‘new light’? Can anyone please provide a link?


    • spike says:

      Is there already an official release of jw publications stating theabove mentioned ‘new light’? Can anyone please provide a link?

      There is nothing new ” officially ” . In fact a January issue of the WT for 2012 says that the FDS is a class since 33 C.E, and names specific individuals believed to be of that ” class “. I believe this is the latest article that specifically discusses the subject( Watchtower Study aritical 1/15/2012, page 4-8, “True Christians Respect God’s Word” ).


  11. enlightened says:

    Just had a visit from two elders-refused the visit and the magazines-have been faded for six months-also right after the visit on a scientific site how religions change their understanding of things to justify their failed predictions.


  12. Wakeupwitness says:

    If rank and file witnesses fall for this change of the teaching of the FDS, than I’m sorry…. It will be the epitome of stupidity. But, sad to say many will.
    I have to say personally that it was the generation change that “woke” me up. Perhaps this new change might do the same.


  13. andrew says:

    There will be a few JWs that wake up because of this change in doctrine but they will be few. 99.9% won’t even bat an eye at the change. Most JWs have an almost unbreakable faith in the organization.


    • pastelder says:

      There will be a few JWs that wake up because of this change in doctrine but they will be few. 99.9% won’t even bat an eye at the change. Most JWs have an almost unbreakable faith in the organization.

      Yeah. Just spoke with my wife’s aunt in CA who has been in forever. She confirmed the info and basically said it’s no big deal. “It makes sense” is what she said. I just want to scream!!


      • whateverhappenedtome says:

        you might want to scream more when our relatives just gladly swallow the contents of july 15,2013 watchtower study edition…


    • pastelder says:


      Just spoke with my wife’s aunt who has been in almost forever. She confirmed the information and said it wasn’t a big deal. :It makes sense” is what she said.

      I just want to scream!


  14. Willie says:

    Dear JJ (Eric), Please don’t use C.T. Russell’s name on your proposed postcard. He predicted the end of Gentile Times in 1914–not the end of the time of trouble. His ministry was the opposite in most respects to the Watchtower Society which dares to claim him as their first president. He never even heard of a Jehovah’s Witness. Surely you do not want to misrepresent Br. Russell, who died in 1916. In fairness, use the name of someone associated with May 15, 1984, the date on the magazine cover you have chosen. Respectfully, Sister Willie


    • JJ says:

      Sister Willie

      I intend no disrespect to Brother Russell. He is not the thrust of the postcard and there is no need or desire to discredit him at all. The point is that the 1914 prediction is now 98 years old and does not seem to be any more “accurate” than the other previously predicted dates made by the Millerites, Adventists, et al.

      In the opinion of many of us, as soon as men begin marking calendar dates then they “go beyond the things that are written”. The goal is to awaken those JWs that are already questioning things and wondering what is wrong with Jehovah’s Witnesses. This 1984 magazine highlights a huge false prophecy, another “failed prediction”, on their part.


      • Chris says:

        I can’t help but agree.
        Taking all the things that I have read by Brother Russell into account, its clear to me that he was keenly aware of his own failings and he was not dogmatic about things that were in Gods domain.
        As he saw it, 1914 was indicated in scripture, and he was disappointed when events did not transpire. The WTS however have been flogging this dead horse for decades for their own ends, not Jehovahs. The seek control of the flock which is something Russell went to great pains to avoid. Above all he did not mistreat his brothers or even those of other ‘Christian’ views, unlike that scoundrel Rutherford who rode his ego around like a beer addled mad horse and stepped on anyone who crossed him.
        The contrast between a faithful but incorrect slave and a wicked and unrepentant slave couldn’t be more apparent. And yet the WTS finds itself digging a deeper hole for itself year by year with its arrogant and self assumed title of “The Faithful & Discreet Slave”


  15. Rookie says:

    If Russell were alive today and in the organization, he would be disfellowshipped as an apostate.

    Some of us suspect that this “new light” about the Slave is just the first step to getting rid of the 1914 doctrine entirely. Then they will talk about this fundamental shift in a few articles and studies and then the rank and file will accept that 1914 is not important anymore and actually believe it has always been like that.


    • Chris says:

      Kind of makes you think that 2 Thessalonians 2:11 applies “Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false”


  16. Alden says:

    I personally met 9 out of the 16 brothers and sisters pictured on the postcard! Very nice persons one and all. Sophie was our nurse and quite amusing! As soon as I saw the magazine for the first time I felt the WTS was really committing itself with such a material visualization of their “generation” claim. Those bros and sis are all gone now – sad but true. In all probability we will not live to see the Lord’s coming as much as we cherish the thought. So many generations before have desired the very same thing. We simply do not personally have any claim to seeing the Lord’s 2nd coming, but the Lord’s day is coming for sure. “Our day” is coming much faster that we realize, but the WTS distracts us from contemplating our own short life time at our disposal and making the best use of it – we have to go out preaching to as many strangers as we can!

    BTW JJ, nice to see the face that belongs to the writer! What you experienced represents a lot of cases, I’m sure. I like your attitude. I think the elders should have just made a public reproof announcement, “marking” you, thereby distancing themselves doctrinally, and yet keeping you in the “fold” because you’re just too good of a brother to loose! No flattery, just fact.


  17. Frank says:

    Hi JJ. Can you please tell us when the second part of your JC will be coming out.


  18. BeenMislead says:

    Here is what the Watchtower said in the last paragraph of the study article a couple of weeks ago:

    “Soon God’s Kingdom will be the only goverment ruling the earth”.

    I have been hearing the “SOON” word for at least 40 years. I too was told that my generation would not even get old before the end comes. I feel like I have been mislead and I am really tired of hearing the SOON word from the platform and in the publications. I actually commented on that paragraph that week. I said:
    “The word soon is a relative term. So we don’t know if that means 1 year, 2 years, 5 years 10, 20 or more. The scriptures tell us that nobody knows the day or the hour but the Father.”

    Nobody could argue with that because they know it is true. Using the SOON word is misleading in my opinion. The GB does NOT know how much time is left, they only use the SOON word to try and control the masses.

    My whole family is in “The Truth”. So I hang in there or I would lose my family. But I plan on exposing the SOON word as being misleading every chance I get.



  19. Rookie says:

    Brothers and Sisters, do not fear this “new light” from the Governing Body!

    Use it as a talking point with anyone who will listen. Be ready to offer assistance to those that are stumbled by this fundamental doctrinal change so they don’t fall by the wayside in despair. Help your brothers and sisters through the difficult transition from spiritual slavery under men to the freedom and loving embrace of the Christ, the true Lord and Savior of the whole world.


  20. pastelder says:

    How does one upload a file received re: the annual meeting? Can someone assist?



  21. FutureMan says:

    Hello all,
    There is an interesting article from the site.

    It is entitled ” The Governing Body Myth”.

    This is in response to the new understanding that was presented at the Annual Meeting of the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society.

    It is interesting reading and has very good reasoning as to whether or not there was a governing body in the 1st century in the early Christian period.


  22. Jaco says:

    This is perfect! High Quality Productions, right! 😉


  23. Jaco says:

    I didn’t know about this “new light.” At least they have an excuse for Russell’s false predictions. But wait! If they really want to get rid of nasty characters, they’ll have to somehow excise Da *hick* Judge from the system. Because even Rutherford claimed up until 1921 that 1914 had been the date of Armageddon. Interesting new twists with this new slant of deception…


  24. smartlady says:

    I am not surprise with the new light of 1919. The GB came up with this new light to support their overlapping new generation of 2010.The Gb needs to come up with new lies to cover their previous lies. It is just a right now with their new arrangement ones can say there are 3 groups of JW.1-the GB (clearly distinct themselves from other anointed). 2- the remaining anointed on earth (who are multiplying now in number).3- the great crowd (of blind people who are ready to accept anything from The GB just to be part of the paradise earth). I cannot believe more than 7 millions of people fell for that.


    • whateverhappenedtome says:

      in my opinion they really have to come up with this change because a lot have been questioning as to how they provide spiritual food to the flock when they are not really in contact with the anointed remnant from all over the world.

      there is a “question from the readers” about this and the answer was that they are not in contact with the to settle the minds of the blind flock and keep them asleep, they must claim they are the fds and so there is no need for them to contact the anointed and get spiritual insights to publish and feed the flock….

      it took me anger and depression to figure this all out..and there is no sleeping back once you are awakened to TTATT…


      • chris says:

        “it took me anger and depression to figure this all out..and there is no sleeping back once you are awakened to TTATT…”

        I feel exactly the same way.
        I must admit, sometimes I wish I could just go back to sleep for a few days and join my family again. But I soon snap out of it when I realize how long I was half asleep and did do anything about it. For me to go back now, it really would be sin against the spirit. Once the scales fall from your eyes and you actually see the reality of the Christ you can’t cover them again.


  25. under the radar says:

    Great work JJ. As soon i get out of the hole, I can throw in some dough. Support
    Stuggle. Peace


  26. Chaz says:

    I’m very appreciative of your research. I was raised from age 7 as a JW. I disassociated myself about 3 years ago. I am now 31. I was married to a JW and was a full time pioneer. I have always disagreed with their teachings. I will deff be checking your research.


  27. Chaz says:

    Glad I found this website. :-)


  28. enlightened says:

    Twenty five years ago, was offered a job as an air traffic controller-the couple studying with me told me the end was around the corner and it would be pointless to accept the job-where does that leave me now-could have retired with a healthy pension-instead am a dishwasher-and wonder if it is even worth going back to college this late in life-especially weighing the cost.


  29. Confused says:

    Hey Eric, the post card size material you presented is great…..glad your exposing this cult….
    @ Enlightened—-your never too old to go back to school, in this crummy economy its almost a must……God can make amazing things happen…….


  30. Chaz says:

    How many times was the Revelation book rewritten? And the Theocratic Ministry one? 2-3 each.


  31. wide_awake says:

    This is the first time I post! I wanted to say thank you so much for this website , I have been reading all of your post for the last 3 months , it has helped me so much in this struggle .once you know the truth about the truth there’s no going back. We stopped going to meeting about 6 months ago and stopped going to service over a year ago. It has been a very difficult process , It has been very difficult for my husband I think he is still in shock he still hasent tried to figure things out , I think it’s just to much for him, I’m trying to give him time . He just keeps saying that we should just get expelled and get it over with, he doesn’t ask to many questions I think he’s trying to take it all in . but he did ask me about our children , he asked that since we were born and raised as witnesses we did get baptized, so what about our little ones , would they need to be baptized some day? we have so many questions, It’s so confusing !!!!


  32. andrew says:

    Welcome to the site, wide awake. As you say it can a lot more confusing when there isn’t someone like the Society just dictating to us what to believe. But there’s no rush. Begin to forge a relationship with God and His son without the need of an org. With time you may decide to meet regularly with other Christians in a small study group or a church. That is your choice but never again let someone dictate to you what your conscience should say or feel.

    Teach your children about God and His son. The decision to be baptized will be your children’s decision to make in the future. A relationship with God and our Lord Jesus is a personal affair although others can certainly encourage us.


  33. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Hi Jj, liked the song from Laura, it said it all. I got 2 songs to recommend off of YouTube and they are about Jehovah. There are several ones under the same name, so try to listen to the actual concerts. They are amazing and heart inspireing! Type in Judy Jacobs-days of Elijah . For the next song, type in Jehovah knows, Lionel Peterson. The concert version of Jehovah knows includes the words to sing along.
    Enjoy! Your sis.


  34. Paul says:

    Hi Eric, I appreciate what you are trying to accomplish here, however I feel that the number one mistake most make when trying to reason with JWs is that they aim to knock down first, then rebuild. This is backwards for those of strong faith in God.

    The psychological makeup of a JW will not allow this to happen (unless the shock/revelation comes from WITHIN themselves). Anything externally negative (ESPECIALLY old WT quotes and JW history) will simply be ignored – their trained defenses will immediately go up and you may as well be shouting into the wind.

    The irony of all this is funny considering how we, when in the organization, have been trained to over-come this very issue when the shoe is on the other foot. Take for example the advice the society gives to reasoning to those of another faith (e.g. Catholics) – you never tear down first; you BUILD upon their already established foundation (faith). You give nuggets of spiritual truth, and let the lies be exterminated (like scales falling off the eyes) by the INDIVIDUAL themselves. You have to give something so positive and true, that they manage to weed out the lies themselves. This is the more painless and efficient method.

    This is the example of Jesus. He gave truth; and it’s the truth (spiritual truth) that sets men free. The truth of principles over law. The truth that God is your Father who loves you rather than a harsh king demanding justice/retribution. These *positive* things of faith allowed the 1st century Christians to free themselves from dogmatic human rituals etc and be happier for it.

    You get the idea? I hope this kind of helps in some way, and doesn’t sound condescending or anything!

    Kind regards,

    Your brother Paul


  35. Rick says:

    Keep up the good work with this site Eric!

    I saw the “trial” videos on YouTube, very disturbing, makes me see what I’m faced against. I’ve already been shunned by many family members and hate to break anyone heart but my conscience will only allow me to go so far. Is amazing how this “new light” stuff is ok with the members, if the new light is to jump off the bridge I think the majority would do it (the words of my own mother).

    Warm regards,



  36. JimmyG says:

    Where I live there is a bridge over the harbour. So Rick. recently I have had a similar thought, that if the GB said on a certain day to put on white robes, stand on the bridge, look up into the sky and await deliverance, maybe the vast majority would. Most JWs will just believe anything from the GB without question.

    Paul, you make an excellent point, but if you give an example of how this works it would be helpful. Thanks


  37. Mandalay says:

    I’m new here. ..just wanted to add my two-cents. During one of our Family worship sessions, we read Matthew 24 several times. In one fell swoop, it became apparent why the organization has never been able to pinpoint the “generation” accurately. The prophecy was completely fulfilled in the first century, i.e., the celestial phenomena, great tribulation, sign of Son of man, wars, earthquakes, famine, and pestilence, etc. True, the “appointed times” obviously continued beyond the destruction of the Jewish temple, however, the “times” prophecy is from Daniel. The extended timelines come from his book, not Matthew’s. Then we researched Wt index publications, Josephus’ Antinquities of the Jews, and various websites and found the same interpretation. The 1970 Wt 43, 48, 713 explains Matt 24 in very real first-century terms. Therefore, the GB was and always will be unable to explain the “1914 generation” as Jesus was not referring to the people living in our day. As I recall, their last insight on the subject was a convoluted, intellectually inaccessible mess with generations of the anointed overlapping one another. This is not to say the end isn’t near nor that we should lose our faith, only that the Wt’s GB is guilty of misguidance.


  38. Mandalay says:

    Hi, I’m new here…just wanted to add my two-cents. During one of our Family Worship evenings, we read Matt. 24 several times. We could not help wondering by what mandate the governing body arrived at the “1914 generation” doctrine. Everything in the text was fulfilled in the years before the destruction of the Jewish temple; I mean everything, i.e., the wars, famines, earthquakes, celestial phenomena, sign of the Son of man in heaven, this generation, and great tribulation according to Wt index publications (70Wt 43,48, 713; 94Wt 2/15 27-20 and 80Aw 9/8 17-18), Josephus’ Antiquities of the Jews, and various websites. True, the “appointed times” do run beyond the destruction, however, that timeline is from Daniel, not Matthew. Therefore, the governing body was and always will be off in any attempt to explain the “generation.” As I recall, their last attempt was a convoluted, intellectually inaccessible mess with generations of the anointed overlapping one another. So what about the words concerning the ‘faithful and discreet slave’ in the same chapter? It’s probably just a parable and admonition to keep alert. The words seem to have little weight when compared to the doom and gloom Jesus had just warned about. Furthermore, no group of apostles in Jerusalem ever called themselves he ‘faithful and discreet slave.’ This is not to say the ‘end’ isn’t near or that we should give up faith and stop serving Jehovah; this is only to say that the governing body needs a good thrashing!


    • andrew says:

      Mandalay, I agree with you on your interpretation of Matt. 24.


    • whateverhappenetome says:

      Hi mandalay…

      there is a recording talk from one of the meetings during the CO visit and the speaker was explaining all the fulfillment of matthew 24 during that timeline……but the org always have a parallel fulfillment matched with it in the modern times. so it’s like although the events in matthew 24 were already fulfilled during the time of Daniel and destruction of Jewish temple, it still has a future fulfillment in the modern times. its like a pattern that jws are so accustomed.


  39. whateverhappenedtome says:

    Dear All,

    When the ”new light” came out and got officially published at the itself, i then told my sister about it and it only ended in a frustrating discussion. of course she has been warning me about my thoughts and questions and saying i am having the mind of an apostate. So anyway, i just discussed with her and was hoping she would start to see what i see…but she kept telling me that it isn’t a New light after all…and that her understanding of the FDS has always been the GB. and she even mocked me for not being updated and that how come i consider it a new light.

    so she explained to me that,regardless, that article didn’t also say that the GB was the FDS but only a part of the FDS….but no matter how many times i read that ”new light article found in the website, it is really saying that the GB is now the FDS..

    so what i want to do now is to show my sister the previous articles of WT about them saying that the FDS are the anointed..and that the GB isn’t but just a representative.
    i mean i really notice, when i study alone and see and understand things things look easy to explain but when i try to share it with others, i feel lost of words and that i couldn’t let it stand…and so i always end up feeling frustrated and kind of realizing that maybe after all the society is right and i am just being swayed by all the things i see on the internet…
    like how im feeling now. she just said maybe i was checking the wrong sites and understanding a different light…that if i dont be careful i will become the 100th sheep…

    so can anyone please help me how to organize my thoughts. i want to show how the new light now is different from what was printed before..
    sorry i can’t believe how i got lost with words. just like when i talk about 607 and 1914..when i study alone and compute it alone, it makes sense. but when i try to share it and discuss it with someone i cannot make it stand anymore. then im left with frustration, feeling like im just the one inflicting doubts to myself..


  40. andrew says:

    Hi whateverhappenedtome, here is an article about the “new light” you mention:

    It is common for newly awoken JWs to doubt at times the doubts they have been having about the org. They may at times think the org. may be right after all. This feeling will completely go away soon. You will soon see that there is absolutely no proof whatsoever that the claims that the org. makes about itself are true. Soon you will realize quite a few of the teachings of the org. are pretty ridiculous and that there is no way Jesus chose the supposed FDS in 1919.


    • whateverhappenetome says:

      hi andrew,

      i’ve read that article its amazing that when i read it again today, i notice some more key points i miss to see when i first read it….

      it is true that there are so many jws who do not think the new light is new..because most people already thought that the FDS is the GB..i myself think this is a new light..since in my understanding according to the publications prior to this is that the GB is only a representative of the slave class(fds) which is why some of them are not anointed…but now i cannot seem to find the articles published by wt in the past to back that up.


  41. BeenMislead says:

    I was taught that there would be very few “anointed” left when the end came and that the number will decrease as the end drew near. The number of “anointed” is actually increasing. What’s wrong with this picture? And now the GB say that “new light” says that they are the Faithful and Discreet Slave. But of course we know that is NOT new light because that is the way it has been for years. But now they are officially saying it and officially elevating themselves above the rest of the anointed. Kind of makes you think of the Clergy of Christendom does it not.


  42. BeenMislead says:

    My whole life I was taught that Armageddon is going to be here at any moment and is “imminent.” I was told by people and the publications that I would “never grow old”. (For example – Awake,5/22/69,Pg 15 – “If are a young person, you also need to face the fact that you will never grow old in this present system of things.”) I was 16 years old in 1969 and I made wrong decisions about education and other things based on their FALSE prophecy.

    In the latest Watchtower (01/01/2013) there is an article called
    “Have Jehovah’s Witnesses Given Incorrect Dates for The End?”
    In it they give some lame excuses trying to justify their actions.
    Which some may consider a step in the right direction, but I call it arrogant because there is no apology there for all the people like myself that made bad/wrong decisions because of their “Incorrect Dates”.

    The direction from the Holy Spirit said that the end was going to come in 1914, 1925, 1975. And even today I keep hearing from the platform and in the publications ”SOON” and in the “VERY NEAR FUTURE”. Those statements are misleading! The GB only uses them to control the masses. The GB does not know much time is left. These interpretations of Bible prophecy have proven to be false, so how can they claim to be “the Faithful and Discreet Slave?”???


  43. BeenMislead says:

    My whole life I was taught that Armageddon is going to be here at any moment and is “imminent.” I was told by people and the publications that I would “never grow old”. (For example – Awake,5/22/69,Pg 15 – “If are a young person, you also need to face the fact that you will never grow old in this present system of things.”) I was 16 years old in 1969 and I made wrong decisions about education and other things based on their FALSE prophecy.

    In the latest Watchtower (01/01/2013) there is an article called
    “Have Jehovah’s Witnesses Given Incorrect Dates for The End?”
    In it they give some lame excuses trying to justify their actions. Which some may consider a step in the right direction, but I call it arrogant because there is no apology there for all the people like myself that made bad/wrong decisions because of their “Incorrect Dates”.

    The direction from the Holy Spirit said that the end was going to come in 1914, 1925, 1975. And even today I keep hearing from the platform and in the publications ”SOON” and in the “VERY NEAR FUTURE”. Those statements are misleading! The GB only uses them to control the masses. The GB does not know much time is left. These interpretations of Bible prophecy have proven to be false, so how can they claim to be “the Faithful and Discreet Slave?”?


  44. JimmyG says:

    ‘Beenmislead’- excellent point. Notice they say ‘Jehovah’s Witnesses’ and not Watchtower or the GB of the WT, or something similar. The incorrect dates and the past and continued use of expressions like ‘soon’ and ‘very near future’ are the invention of the authors of these WT articles, not individual JWs. When the predictions fail and the ‘end’ doesn’t come ‘soon’ all JWs are included in the failures!

    Recently there was a WT study article basically telling the readers not to allow their PERSONAL disappointment that the ‘end’ hasn’t come yet, to affect their service to Jehovah. But why are some so disappointed? Because they put their trust in the predictions etc contained in WT literature! They are the cause of the problem in the first place. Of course if the r&f don’t put their trust in the GB, they risk expulsion. It’s a ‘catch 22’.


  45. BeenMislead says:

    Here is an example:


    1990 Awake 4/22 entitled: How Long Can We Live?

    “MANY PEOPLE alive today will have the opportunity for a greatly prolonged life span. Even immortality now seems possible.”

    “Millions Now Living May Never Die.”

    What is the difference between these two statements? The first is a statement by Dr. Lawrence E. Lamb, medical columnist and professor, in his book Get Ready for Immortality, published in 1975. The second is the title of a public address and subsequent book by J. F. Rutherford, the second president of the Watch Tower Society. The public address was first delivered in Los Angeles, California, in 1918.

    We all know that is wrong!! The title of Rutherford’s talk was:
    “Millions Now Living Will Never Die”.

    So the question is: Is this just a mistake? Or did they do this on purpose and are guilty of Historical Revisionism in an attempt to CONCEAL THE TRUTH ABOUT ITS PAST???

    What do you think?


  46. BeenMislead says:

    I stand corrected …

    A public talk titled “The World Has Ended; Millions Now Living May Never Die” was first delivered on February 24, 1918 in Los Angeles, California. Five weeks later, on March 31, 1918 the title was changed to indicate absolute certainty: “The World Has Ended; Millions Now Living Will Never Die.”


  47. JimmyG says:

    As you’ve indicated, in those intervening weeks Rutherford appears to have become so sure of himself that he had the confidence to change the title. What a difference a small word can make to the meaning of a sentence. As Rutherford later admitted, he’d certainly made an ‘ass’ of himself!


  48. brucek says:

    The organization structure is not Biblical and the total lack of accountability for past statements, actions and the consequences for many of us ‘faithful brothers and sisters’ has been loss. Loss of opportunity, education, life experience, and in some cases loss of life due to the fanatical beliefs on blood transfusions and neutrality. Since they have already joined the UN what insane revelation is next? Liars, who are obviously the Evil Slave, that abuses their brothers. The majority of Witnesses not part of the hierarchy are well meaning, trusting sorts like most who post here. Once you become an elder you either see the falsehood or become a part of the corruption. A weightier judgement awaits them.


  49. Penelope says:

    As we all know, the governing body of JW’s has always claimed to be the faithful and discreet slave appointed by God; the recent doctrinal changes haven’t altered this core belief that’s drummed into the mind of every JW weekly via the meetings. And yet the concept of an “appointed” faithful and discreet slave doesn’t even exist in the bible – at least, not in my view.

    In Matthew chapter 24, 25 and Luke chapter 12, Jesus portrays himself as an employer which he refers to as the “master”. The employer hires employees, i.e., “slaves” and “appoints” them to perform specific tasks. The first assignment involves giving the domestics their food at the proper time, or conducting business in behalf of the employer/master while he is away (Matt. 25:14,15). Upon returning, the employer/master conducts an employee/slave evaluation. Depending on this assessment, which, according to both biblical accounts, results in different performance ratings –“faithful and discreet” or “faithful and good”, “wicked and sluggish” or “good-for-nothing”,
    “unfaithful”, etc., the slave is either promoted, punished and demoted, or terminated (thrown into the darkness –Matt. 25:30). The all-star employees/slaves who complete the first assignment successfully and thereby receive the “faithful & discreet” performance rating are then “appointed” to a position of much greater responsibility; in fact, this new or second assignment entails overseeing or managing ALL of the employer/master’s belongings, not just his domestics or business concerns.

    So then, Jesus never “appoints” a faithful and discreet slave; rather, he appoints slaves to positions of oversight, i.e, “managers” who are entrusted to carry out the assignment that he gives them: feeding the domestics/conducting business in his behalf, etc. Depending on the degree of success to which they discharge these initial duties, and after an evaluation and subsequent performance rating as mentioned above, they are promoted/appointed to the position of “Kings and priests” or demoted and/or terminated.

    Despite the fact that Jesus has not yet conducted his employee/slave performance evaluation, nor will he ever “appoint” a faithful and discreet slave, the governing body clings to this title — a practice that has continued for almost 100 years now! This is especially shocking in view of their recent public announcement: “jesus’ appointment of the ‘slave’ over his ‘belongings’…must be a future event. He will make that appointment during the great tribulation.” ( There is no doubt in my mind that not only have they secretly known this for years, but they have also been aware of the fact that the identification of those slaves deemed faithful by Jesus coincides with this FUTURE event–the “appointment of the slave over his [Christ’s] belongings…”. Coming clean on such a careful and deliberate cover-up would completely strip them of their self-proclaimed divine authority and they know it!


  50. David Taylor says:

    Interested in your post card can’t really see it on my I phone


    • JJ says:


      Welcome to JWStruggle – I’d be glad to email it to you if you like. I still want to print these out that’s my next big project but just don’t have the funds right now to place a large enough order- hopefully soon though!


  51. Reader says:

    Dear All;
    Still obsessed by 1914 are you?
    I don’t blame anyone for this especially those who lived nearer to it in time.
    However try this read Matthew 24 v 9 to 14.
    then consider; middle Ages, reformation, Tyndal, printing, Evangelism by many Christian faiths.
    Then re-consider Daniel 11 v 32 to 35 as being the same or similar. Its the Good News not any single religion to be preached!
    I think Matthew 24 v 15 onwards is nearby/soon not in the past [inc 24 v 34 sorry patient waiters].


  52. cluseaux says:

    Hello all, recently found this “sight”….as well as some others. I have been studying for some time now and attending meetings (1 Yr for both) guess I’m a skeptic at heart, but with the inconsistencies I found it led me to do more research. I guess I better check now before I enter fully,,,because you know how that is… hehehe . Best way to describe it is 50/50. As was said even the devil is capable of telling the truth. I’ve met some really great people who are dedicated and humble; and I’m married to one. But I cant help but think how misguided those efforts are. Whats the sense of teaching the truth when the foundation on which the doctrine lies is false and inconsistent at best. God’s word is ever lasting it does not change. If Christ inspected all and chose the WTS in 1914, and the said WTS which is the channel and the (voice) messenger, falsely predicted(prophesied) the end of the world in 1918 and several times after; does that make Jesus Christ a liar? If Jesus told his diciples even he does not know the time of his return, only the father, am I to believe that the GB is greater than Christ, in that Jehovah speaks to them directly and gives them the heads up first and not his Only Begotten Son who is in heaven with him. I can go on and on… my mind is a mess(cluttered, not messed up) from all the info I have been researching. I dont want to hijack the thread just wanted to say hi and share a little of my “reasoning”. Suffice to say there is so much info on here its difficult for me to comprehend it all, I’m a newbie to the JW doctrine. I would welcome the encouragement and thoughts of others, if there is fault in my reasoning let me know. I look forward to some “Bible inspired intellectual discussions as time permit” If its fitting for this comment to be moved in the “forum” as a new thread please do.


  53. mm says:

    Few days ago our congregation studied this new light. Before the meeting one brother told me that two days before someone could be called an apostate if he said what is written in this study article.I was glad and surprised to hear it from him.During the meeting I felt disturbed and angry because congregation fear of losing EARTHLY leadership during great tribulation.I have tried to explain that HEAVENLY leadership is much better because only it can lead us to perfection (Heb 11:40), but no one understood it (I hope I am wrong). Of course, no one understood what confession of GB really imply. After the meeting, the same brother who surprised me told me that he studied article and could not understand it. We lose FDS! He said it with concern in his voice!I believe that almost the same thing happened in all congregations around the world!They are in love with GB, they are programmed to worship them.For majority of them, scripture and holy spirit are not providing reliable guide and they need that earthly men to rule over them!Otherwise, they will fall apart, they will be lost.The only cure is, as Paul and Andrew said, to give them something positive, to help them to forge relationship with God.I agree with rookie that this new light can be used as a talking point with anyone who will listen.
    We could ask: Аre you disturbed with this new light? Why? I know what you mean, but I am not feeling troubled. Do you know why? Because I know the verse which you also know very well. Jesus and our Father promised to be with us all the days (Mat 28:20; Romans 8:38,39).I hope it could help. On the other hand, all yours efforts (and mine) will have very modest results, until Jehovah take action. During an attack on organized religion, these GB giants will prove how small they are (I presume).Then,sincere brothers and sisters will fully understand words in Psalm 118:8 and 1 Cor 7:23.Then, Daniel 12:1-3 will be fulfilled.


    • JJ says:


      You and this brother and so many others all over the earth are bothered by this “strange gospel” that the WT is now teaching. Those of us that are awake to TTATT need to lovingly stand up for what is right however we can do that and help these asleep JWs to see it.


  54. Rupunzelsawake says:

    Here’s an interesting quote from the April 22 1970 Awake magazine which could possibly be used to open discussion with JWs:
    “THE churches are in rapid decline. Even in the United States, where religion still enjoys perhaps the greatest popularity, nearly three out of four persons polled said that it is losing influence. Why is there this decline in religion?
    One of the reasons is that people are disturbed by what is happening in their churches. Yes, millions of persons have been shocked to learn that things they were taught as being vital for salvation are now considered by their church to be wrong. Have you, too, felt discouragement, or even despair, because of what is happening in your church? A businessman in Medellín, Colombia, expressed the effect the changes have had on many.
    “Tell me,” he asked, “how can I have confidence in anything? How can I believe in the Bible, in God, or have faith? Just ten years ago we Catholics had the absolute truth, we put all our faith in this. Now the pope and our priests are telling us this is not the way to believe any more, but we are to believe ‘new things.’ How do I know the ‘new things’ will be the truth in five years?”

    To any casual visitors here, please join us on the forum where we talk more about this “new light”!


  55. jimmyG says:

    Am I missing something or is this ‘new light’? Taken from the transcript of the Australian Royal Commission on child abuse. Justice Peter McClellan questions GB member Geoffrey Jackson:

    “Q. Does your church accept corporal punishment of children?
    A. Our church accepts the family arrangement and expects that parents have the responsibility to discipline and raise their children.
    Q. That doesn’t answer my question. Do you accept corporal punishment?
    A. I see. In our literature, I think you will see time and time again we’ve endeavoured to explain that here “discipline” is referring to more a mental point of view, not corporal punishment.
    Q. I am going to tell you, you are still not answering my question.
    A. Oh, sorry.
    Q. Do you accept corporal punishment?
    A. No.
    Q. You don’t?
    A. Not ‐ not personally, no, and not as an organisation ‐ we don’t encourage it.
    Q. But do you prohibit it?
    A. Our literature has pointed out that the true way to discipline children is by educating them, not giving corporal punishment. Your Honour, I can only tell you the spirit behind our writings.”

    After 4 attempts to get Jackson to answer the question, he says that the organisation does not accept corporal punishment. Hopefully no more screams of pain from children as a result of parental ‘discipline’ in KH restrooms and even worse at home. I don’t think so. Trouble is, almost no indoctrinated JWs will be aware of this exchange at the Royal Commission


    • frank says:

      Smacking for God is the same ethic as lying for God. It is easy to accept one delusion when one has a taste for delusion. Watchtower, of course, especially the GB must, as a modern stratagem, be schooled by the best spin-doctors. It’s quite within the framework to refer to holy verbiage as ‘the truth,’ when the phrase is bought and sold like most salable philosophical concepts.

      With the duck-shoving and prevaricating over the embarrassing subject of unchecked child rape within a trusted institution, one can glean anything goes when it comes to survival of the failed state of religiosity.

      Expect more of the same, Jimmy G, as the rout continues.



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