These men are responsible for the spiritual welfare of Jehovah's Witnesses around the world, and copies of our 2011 survey have been sent for their attention

As some of you may be aware, last year I began taking an annual online survey of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The results of this 2011 survey have now been published, and are available to download in PDF format with full analysis and an explanation of the survey’s development. If you would like to see a brief overview of the results, then by all means click here.

Seven copies of the survey results have been sent for the attention of the Governing Body by recorded delivery, and I await their response. The survey results include my personal message to the Governing Body, which is reproduced below for those of you who are interested.

If you have not yet voted on our new 2012 survey, then I would encourage you to do so. The survey is designed so that it can be taken anonymously, and you can enter as much or as little information as you like. At the end of this year, a similar results document will be compiled, which will also be received by the Governing Body.


Dear Brothers

I go by the name ‘Cedars’ – a pseudonym to conceal my real identity. I derive no pleasure from going about my work anonymously, as I am in no way ashamed of the cause that I have recently adopted. However, there are obviously judicial repercussions for any who would speak out against your authority. Because I wish to maintain contact with my family, it is therefore advantageous for me to conceal my identity and remain listed as a publisher with my local congregation rather than risk being unmasked and disfellowshipped for what you would consider as “apostasy”.

If you would like to know my background, I am a former elder and bible school graduate. In the early summer of 2011 it became obvious to me that there are many areas in which Witness teachings do not harmonize with the scriptures. At this point, I stopped actively participating in meetings and field service. Over the past six months I have contributed articles to JW websites and forums that discuss my particular areas of concern with your policies and teachings. I was also heavily involved in the recent media interest over your “mentally diseased” Watchtower article (w11 7/15 p. 16).

As you may already be aware, on September 21st 2011 I began taking a survey of all current and former Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world. The Survey canvassed the opinions of all who share a connection with Jehovah’s Witnesses, irrespective of whether they are active, inactive, disfellowshipped, disassociated or even non-baptized family members. The purpose of the Survey was to find out what people really thought of your leadership on certain issues, particularly since you go to such vigorous measures to prevent people from freely voicing any dissenting opinions.

It has not gone unnoticed that you recently advised the brothers to even stop writing to you or your representatives with any questions that are not covered within your publications (w11 10/15 p. 32). It is against this backdrop of increasing apathy on your part towards the personal views or questions of those in your flock that this new global Survey has been founded, and the results are enclosed herein.

The total number of those participating in this initial 2011 Survey is a relatively modest 1,118. However, the survey has only been available since late September (ending on December 31st), so it is envisioned that future surveys will gather a greater and more indicative number of responses over a longer period – particularly as awareness of the Survey website’s existence gathers momentum among the worldwide brotherhood. I currently plan to publish the results of the 2012 Survey for your attention at a similar time next year.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, you are likely wondering, “why should we be interested in what disfellowshipped or disassociated ones think of our leadership?” Well, the Apostle Paul demonstrated what sort of attitude should be shown towards such ones in 2 Cor 2:5-11, where he exhorted the Corinthian brothers to “confirm” their love for a man who had been cast out of their congregation. This scripture therefore shows that we should continue to demonstrate love and concern for those who are removed from among our midst.

Many who have been the subject of disfellowshipping or disassociation over a period of many decades have become “overly sad”, particularly wherever their judicial treatment has been based merely on the fact that they disagreed with your directives – which you yourselves are allowed to disagree with, albeit retrospectively. In reference to Paul’s words in the above-quoted scripture, they feel that you brothers have been “too harsh” in applying the scriptural principle of disfellowshipping – namely by broadening its scope to encompass the family circle, and not restricting its enforcement to the congregation, as was envisioned by Paul’s original counsel on this issue. – 1 Cor 5:11; 2 Cor 2:5; 1 Tim 5:8

You brothers may not be aware of this, but of all the issues that provoke outrage among so-called “apostates”, the harsh and unscriptural application of the shunning principle is one of the most contentious and hurtful. Many who you would class as “apostates” would have little or no interest in trying to persuade their family members and former colleagues that their beliefs are flawed were it not for that fact that you make their lives intolerable by tearing them apart from any meaningful interaction with their loved ones. Many disfellowshipped and disassociated ones carry deep mental and emotional scars as a result, and yet you expect them to remain silent. It is my firmly-held belief that anti-Witness forums and websites would either close down or drastically reduce in their visitor numbers if you were to extend just a little more mercy on this issue alone. – Matt 9:13

It is the shunning issue more than anything, particularly against the backdrop of a seeming indifference and apathy on your part, which has resulted in this Survey being launched. You are kindly urged to read and consider the results, and decide for yourselves whether you can find room to extend further mercy or reasonableness in certain aspects of your decision-making.

Please do not take this Survey as a personal attack on you brothers. Some who have commented have expressed their feelings towards you in ways that are less than flattering, or even abusive. Some of the more abusive or profane comments have been removed entirely from my report, as they serve no constructive purpose – despite being born from an intense frustration towards your indifference over certain issues.

When reading this survey report, you must also consider the fact that you brothers, in accepting your respective appointments to serve on the Governing Body, have assumed a weighty responsibility for yourselves. (Luke 12:48) The decisions that you make at your weekly meetings have a very real impact on the lives of millions around the world. You have also assumed a degree of responsibility for the legacy of your predecessors who served on the Governing Body before you, many of whom introduced unscriptural and unmerciful directives that you now so vigorously defend against all reason.

I do not feel it is fair to question each of your personal motives, or bring your characters under scrutiny in any way. Frankly, it would not surprise me if there are some among you who are more interested in proliferating the legacy of the organization and making your own positions more secure than in actually propounding bible truth and shepherding the flock in a loving, merciful and Christ-like way. However, I cannot be assertive in this conclusion. Without knowing each of you personally, I must give you the ‘benefit of the doubt’ and assume that some of your more harmful decisions have arisen through simple naivety or ignorance rather than any malevolent or self-serving intent.

I therefore submit these survey results to you in the hopes that they will be considered with the seriousness that befits them. They do not constitute a rebuke, but rather heartfelt admonition for you to retract some of your more harmful and unscriptural teachings. As I mentioned earlier, it is my intention that regular surveys will be conducted on an annual basis with a copy of the results subsequently published for your attention. Be assured that these surveys will continue indefinitely until you take decisive action in response to the needs of Christ’s flock for greater mercy to be shown.

Each one of us is personally responsible for our relationship with Christ. As much as you would like to think that all of Jehovah’s Witnesses serve with absolute uniformity of thought, there is an increasing number within your own ranks who do so whilst burdened by their own personal ‘crisis of conscience’. They privately disagree with what they are taught, but they have been conditioned to think that “waiting on Jehovah” means ignoring their own consciences and going against what they know to be true. It is suchlike ones, and those departed brothers who are “overly sad” at your seeming indifference, whom you must reach out to with greater humility and reconciliation. I am of the firm conviction that, if you were to do so, your efforts would be favorably received.

If, having considered these survey results, you brothers decide that you would like to meet with myself and those with whom I work to discuss these issues in an amicable spirit of mildness and reconciliation – then we would be happy to arrange this, provided that certain assurances are given to respect our anonymity and immunity from any judicial action. Alternatively, you may wish to write me with your response to my email address, which is

You should know that these survey results will also be available to any journalists who take an interest in Witness affairs, and I see no reason not to cooperate fully with any media enquiries.

The 2012 survey has already been launched and votes are in the process of being cast. I feel it would be in your interests to ensure that this and other future surveys are rendered unnecessary by taking the decisive and truly humble step of climbing down on some of your more damaging policies, including the shunning of family members. If you are not willing to consider doing this, then our surveys will continue to run year after year – growing in notoriety and popularity among the worldwide brotherhood and media groups. Since you refuse to give a voice to the brothers whom you claim to care for, whilst depriving them of the basic freedoms to which they are entitled, then we see no reason why we should not do this instead for as long as is required.

I trust you will consider these results carefully and prayerfully.

Yours sincerely,





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37 Comments on My Message to the Governing Body – Results of the 2011 Global Survey

  1. The biggie is 1914,it’s the Watchtower’s core doctrine.Jesus had his ‘return’ aka second coming October 1914 I have heard it in talks,we all have read it in literature hundreds of times.

    The dogma is false and plagiarized from William Miller that is what ‘blew me away’ …. and out of the JW.
    Keep up the good work Cedars.-Danny Haszard


  2. Londo says:

    Thank you for your hard work, brother. I hope and pray that it reaches them and that, perhaps, the load will be lightened, if just a bit. Of course, I am aware that many in Israel hoped and prayed that same way and still Rehoboam made the load heavier. One day, the true God will restore all things, and perhaps when these men are held to account, corrected, then we can all sit together in the Kingdom of God, and have a laugh.


  3. Disappointed says:

    Bro. Cedars, the first thing I did after reading CoC was find your survey and fill it in. It felt scary (it was the firt time I’d ever done anything that felt like ‘apostasy’!)I’m glad I did and will fill in this years too. Something like this is important even if the GB take no notice of it, it helps many struggling JWs realise they are NOT alone. This was the thing that hit me when I filled it out. Before that I felt very alone. So thanks brother!


  4. confused says:

    Great Work,
    In 2010 I believed the GB cared and loved us. After, being honest with myself and seeing a serious lack of love in many congregations and much research, I have come to the conclusion that the GB does not care about these kinds of reports and could care less about what anyone thinks of THEM….. my opinion is that its NOT GOD’S SPIRIT that directs them (but a dark spirit) I abhor their lies and the way they tear families apart and they dont have EMOTION over it. I have heard so many nasty comments over the course of many years in the org that is shocking….
    Your info is very helpful for ones like us as it helps us to know we are not alone in our conclusions. It left me with many heartaches but its getting better. I no longer care what lable THEY put on me, it takes too much energy to live a double life. Im not df or anything, I just faded out after many years of devotion and regular attendance and pionerring….im done. I think im in the anger stage now….it will pass because they are not worth my emotion anymore. I have little ones that I want to love our God and not with fear and guilt and lies…


  5. Bro. Ed says:

    Sister confused, may Yahweh our Father and his son, our Lord Yeshua, bless you and all those that have taken a stand. You are not alone and even when we think we are our Father is there to comfort us. As the scriptures say, “My child, learn what I teach you and never forget what I tell you to do.
    Listen to what is wise and try to understand it.
    Yes, beg for knowledge; plead for insight.
    Look for it as hard as you would for silver or some hidden treasure.
    If you do, you will know what it means to fear the Lord and you will succeed in learning about God.
    It is the Lord who gives wisdom; from him come knowledge and understanding.
    He provides help and protection for those who are righteous and honest.
    He protects those who treat others fairly, and guards those who are devoted to him.
    Proverbs 2:1-8 GNB

    Peace be with you

    Bro Ed


  6. DanielB says:

    Sister Confused , I agree with Bro Ed . At least we have grown used to depending on our Father and His Son in our daily walk , and our hearts are in the right place . There is such a vast field that can be cultivated around us , and this doesn’t need to take place in the jw mode . We don’t want to perpetuate any misconceptions or lies anyway . With comfort from the Scriptures , such as those that were just quoted , we are reminded of the relationship that we have with YHWH which is always worthwhile . He opens the way for us , and it is a rewarding way to live on ; not to mention such a great hope ahead .

    I am probably not saying anything new that you don’t relate well to .

    I always particularly enjoyed , and was built up by , ” informal witnessing ” anyway . Plus , it’s a relief to simply befriend others without question of whether anyone else thinks it’s OK or not . Jesus caught flack for that from the Jews , so it’s nothing new . We just stay close to him and Papa . . .

    May they bless you . . .


  7. DanielB says:

    Nice work Bro Cedars . This is interesting and revealing to me . 20 years ago when I left the organization , the numbers would have been different , I am quite sure . It surprises me how high the percentages are for disagreeing on the teachings , though I am glad to see it . I guess we are not just a bunch of idiots after all :) !

    Thank you for your work .


  8. Anonymous says:

    Thank you brothers for your comments. I feel very comfortable here and I was “just not sure about all this’ not that long ago. I know there will be and are many other ones unsure and confused about all they were taught by the org. and we are all here to help and bring comfort to all those who need that.


  9. andre says:

    Fantastic work brother!!

    I heard an interview today on NPR with the man in Egypt,who via facebook and twitter started a revolution and litrally helped foster the overthrow of a dictatorship. I am a practicing JW, and will continue to be,although I share most of the same disagreements that many on this forum have, 1914,mediator,covenant,etc. however I do see value in our worship I do see a worldwide brotherhood that has unity, and I think if we’re honest there are still many loving bro’s & sis’s in our midst.we are preaching the good news of God’s kingdom,etc. I belive that many are “roving about” and the truth is being fully uncovered/discovered. Please prayerfully persue your spiritual goals, doing all things with soundness of mind,and a spirit of love.



  10. Anonymous says:

    comment #8 was me (confused) and I dont know why is came up anonymous????


  11. Bro. Ed says:

    Thank you brother Andre for your kind and considerate words. While I’m no longer a Witness, I am a Christian who is prayerfully pursuing my spiritual goals, as are those that regularly gather here. All too often we get a visit from a practicing JW and receive a very unloving and harsh lecture about our “Apostate” thinking.

    Brother Andre, continue to strive for the real “truth” of the Good News. Prepare yourself, as all here are doing, for the troubled times ahead and be a light for others.

    Your brother in Christ

    Bro Ed.


  12. Bro. Ed says:

    Brothers and sisters, I’ve long had an indelible impression in/on my mind, that the Lord had given me an assignment. Don’t think for a minute I’ve had a vision or anything; just an unshakable drive to follow a specific course of action. At first I couldn’t work out what I was meant to be doing and it really frustrated me. I felt an unbelievable compulsion to study the scriptures, in particular the NT with a real focus on the Apostle Paul’s letters. Then one evening I was in the bathroom (cleaning my teeth) and I started to think about my family and many of those I grew up with (who are practicing Witnesses) and realized what a terrible state they would be in when the GB could no longer withhold the “truth”. It was at that moment that I figured out what my work for the Lord was meant to be. My work since then has been to evangelize the Gospel of Christ to those our Lord and savior wants to “come out” of Babylon the Great; specifically those who are Witnesses.

    Our Lord loves so many of our fellow brothers and sisters, who are faithful servants but who have been denied a one-to-one relationship with him because the GB stands in-between them and their Lord. And I know that he led me here to work with you to be lamps that light up the darkness and show others the way to him. I love our Lords words in this scripture:

    “No one after lighting a lamp puts it in a cellar or under a basket, but on a stand, so that those who enter may see the light. 34 Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eye is healthy, your whole body is full of light, but when it is bad, your body is full of darkness. 35 Therefore be careful lest the light in you be darkness. 36 If then your whole body is full of light, having no part dark, it will be wholly bright, as when a lamp with its rays gives you light.” Luke 11:33-36 ESV

    You know, being here – and my personal journey to be here – kind of reminds me of a movie I watched when I was a teenager. You may or may not have seen “Close Encounters” (I’m not going to discuss here the moral rights or wrongs of watching a movie about Aliens) but the beginning of the movie focused on a character who had an all consuming passion to work out what he was meant to be doing after he was exposed to some ET light show. Anyhow, in his mad pursuit to find the answer he discovered that he wasn’t mad or alone, but instead there were many others who had the exactly the same imprint on their minds and were equally driven to discover the “truth” and to be a part of what ever it was they were supposed to be a part of. Am I just a little mad or can anyone else relate to this analogy?

    Sorry if this comment is a little off topic – it probably wasn’t the most likely spot for a ramble like this – but I just had to get that off my chest; it’s been sitting with me for months and I’ve not been able to share this with anyone.

    Your brother in Christ

    Bro Ed


  13. ruth says:

    Dear brother Ed.
    You are so right.
    We have to appreciate when we come from false religion we are so hungry to see where we went wrong and lies told to us. But we cannot stay there to long.

    The gospel of our Lord Yeshua is what is to be preached.
    He has enlightened my heart and others also to this for the past 6 months.
    lt may have sounded foreign to some here but’ he was pushing me to get that message across. If you read my posts you will see.

    I knew l was doing what the spirit told me. He writes on the tablet of my heart. This is it in a nut shell. Many will be called. But only a few chosen.

    The FOCUS has been taken from our Lord for such a long time. Times dates and seasons are not the fathers concern for us. We just have to keep awake. Focus on the saviour. Talking about him. teaching about him and the hope he has given us ALL.

    This is what his father wants from us.
    What I have discovered is Yeshua is the truth he is the only way.
    said it so many times.No churches or organizations.
    He will lead us to the sheep that can see who her really is. What does he tell them?
    ‘Come I will refresh you. To me that’s simple gospel for simple ordinary people. I am not saying knowledge is bad. Its great!
    “I love it as l study alone with our Lord”.

    We are so blessed in this day and age. So much “material” available. But there is a danger with that also.
    One must be guided by the spirit as we ponder the scriptures.
    If we listen to our Lord he will give us armour for every conflict, strength for every service, comfort for every sorrow.

    All through the last 2000 years did people have the scriptures available? No! If they did who could understand Latin?
    Were people wanting the truth of Christ? Yes!

    How did they the people get it then? After all Satan worked over time messing things up. Most were so poor. We have to look out side the box.
    “The answer is simple’.

    Almighty loved them by putting them in Yeshua. and he in them.
    Ephesians says “And because of him we are in Yeshua.
    He chose us, then called us. In calling us he united us with our Lord. “Only our father can graft us into his son, the spirit of yeshua was in them all signifying the death they would have for standing firm. Suffering for following our Lord. Telling them it was a priceless privilege.

    This is the gospel also and it must be told.
    All that belonged to the son will be there’s if they remained faithful. He will share everything.
    1 Peter 1:11-12 Are we teaching about the suffering to come though?
    Carrying the cross or tree is a decision not to be taken lightly?
    Do we set people up for failure by not really teaching about our saviour in every way?
    They must realize the whole truth in being a foot step follower.
    It was all revealed through the spirit in us. 1John 4:4
    Sorry if this has no coherency. I’m so tired to night.

    sister Ruth


    • Bro. Ed says:

      You are very clear sister Ruth. It’s not preaching about a paradise earth, as pleasant as that may seem and it’s not about preaching salvation in an organisation. It’s about preaching Christ!! For in him is salvation and in him there is hope. And he is the light and the way for all who follow him, for he leads us to God, our Father.

      If you are a visiting Witness reading this and this seems at odds with your understanding, but yet you are somehow drawn close to these words, then listen closely; your Shepherd is calling you. Listen to his voice and you will recognise that it is our Lords.

      Peace be with you all


  14. ruth says:

    Brother and sisters.
    I don’t know what’s wrong trying to get into he forum these days.
    Anyway I started all over again. On the forum my name is csaba
    thanks Ruth.


  15. Amos says:

    Dear Brother Ed,

    You have just highlighted exactly my own situation. For about two years, I knew that I was being prepped for a ministry of some sorts, but could never figure it out until a few months ago. It’s the same as you brother, helping JW’s, exJW’s & any other honest hearted truth seekers come out of babylon!

    Today, I had a breakthrough with a close family member (JW). We had about three hours discussion, mainly spiritual, & she said that she hasn’t felt so upbuilt for many years. WOW.
    The one thing that is a constant is her love for our Father, & her regular study of HIS Word! She remarked that she can no longer do any meeting preparation, nor does she read the publications. For about the last hour that we talked, I could see her face changing & coming to life, it was just so wonderful.

    BTW, I have been regularly asking for this to happen (in my prayers), & in particular during the last six months. I was amazed (then understood) when she said that it was about six months ago that she has had this different feeling about the org.
    She said that nobody has ever spoken to her about the scriptures, as I had today. She did say that she wants to hear much, much more about the simple gospel.

    Your brother,


    • andrew says:

      That’s great to hear, Amos!


    • Londo says:

      I agree. Maybe I’m being an idiot, but I am coming to believe I have the same purpose to quietly assist those “sighing and groaning over the detestable things being done” in the organization.


      • DanielB says:

        No doubt you can be a source of refreshment Londo . “A calm and undisturbed mind and heart are the life and health of the body .” Prov. 14:30 (Amplified Bible) You will probably agree with the illustration that has been used , that a humble person is as a warm campfire on a cold dark night . Many are in need such assistance . And for their part , “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness , for they will be filled .” Mat. 5:6 (NIV) The real truth doesn’t change .


  16. John S says:

    Well,since it’s confession time,gonna give my 2-bits worth.I was gonna make a quick deal out of my favorite book,my names’sake ‘Gospel of John’.It has the message in it I have wanted to get across to my Witness brothers;become one with God and the Son,and thru the baptism of the spirit and the water,this is how it’s done!Easy!……NOT!I’m not even started good,and there is soooo much information in each chapter that it’s overwhelming me!
    The last verse talks about how if all the things Jesus did were recorded,the world would not be able to hold all the books.Believe me,there is so much,and it’s so deep in chapter 5 and 6,let alone 4,about living water,everlasting life in us as it is in Jesus,and our being righteous and alive in a perfect state in God’s eyes once we are born in the spirit,I tell you brothers,I wish you all would help me on this one……not that I’m not up to it!But it’s gonna have to be as Amos suggested,a chapter-and verse,at-a-time.So,it’s gonna take a little time to do a “Laymen’s impression of the Gospel of John”,deal,strictly,’My Impressions’..ish-type summary.
    But,I can with absolute certainty say,I GET THIS BOOK! And I have the Holy-Spirit re-birth to an everlasting-life hope.I have experienced it,been guided by it…to this very site,I might add,to my anointed brothers and sisters,who have stated they HAVE EXACTLY THE SAME FELING AS I DO. Get the Gospel’s meaning out there for our Witness brothers to read,and that is what I will do on the forum.I welcome any help you all can give.I have stated and will restate,I don’t believe any one of us has all the knowledge,as we are just one part of Christ’s body,so we must put together a cooperative effort on this summary and any that you bros.partake,maybe,Ed will fire-off on Paul,wouldn’t that be cool?Others on their piece.And let sister Ruth please,expand on what she means by the simple Gospel.Where would you like to go with it,Ruth?
    I will,with God’s grace,get another laptop,so I can speed the process up.I liked your post,Ed ,about the times and how short they seem,and also,look how many are reading us now.So,we gotta get on with it.I have just a few minutes to write,so I will go to forum.Think about which ones of you can help me spend a good bit of time on ‘John’.I would like to maybe just do an overview of a chapter first,then ask for comments and ask questions where I know I’m lost,then we can come back and write up some study results after a few days.I’ll try it that way.
    Sister Willie,(notice I said sister?) I’ve known about sister Willie’s true I.D. for a while,guessed it actually,no man I know is that STUBBORN or PERSISTENT!(HA)I welcome your thoughts on the gospel,and any help you can give,please.Maybe you will tell us a little something about yourself on the forum?
    I don’t feel so hot,got a little low-grade fever I’m fighting off,so I will wait till later for the forum.
    Without naming names,I will sign off for tonight,but will enjoy reading comments over the week-end from you all.Personally,I read all hours of the night as I see most of you all do. Father,and our Lord,…please bless our minds and help us to see clearly what is important from these Bible books that we need to know at this time.Help us search diligently,and view it as very important to do a Holy work for our Witness readers’everlasting benefit,as they,along with us,are determined to worship you in spirit and truth.In Jesus’name,amen.


  17. Bro. Ed says:



  18. ruth says:

    bro Amos.

    My heart aches to have such a happiness as you received about your relative. That is so wonderful.


  19. DanielB says:

    On John 1:1 I have discovered something that Bro John S just reminded me of . There is an excellent line of reasoning to share with those who equate YHWH with his Son , as though they are “the same person” . The same Gospel account speaks in the same language concerning how that disciples of Christ are “one” with each other , and with Jesus himself . Therefore , it becomes apparent to the reader what was meant at 1:1,2 . Particularly 17:20-23 : Jesus here equates the oneness of himself and his Father with his oneness with us , and our oneness as a brotherhood . It’s a natural progression when talking with a trinitarian to go from the first chapter to the 17th in understanding what was being said . Of course there are additional points to make on 1:1 ; and there I particularly like using an Interlinear to show the difference in the Greek words translated as “God” .

    Just had to share . . .


  20. ruth says:

    Brother Amos WOW! So exciting.


  21. ScatteredSheepsLamb says:

    Bro. John S.

    Keep up the good work and Get Well Soon! I’m interested in your discussion of John Gospel. Sorry I don’t have much to contribute right now, but am following it closely. God is using you to help other JW’s see the importance of the heavenly hope right now. Something that the Society has squelched by limiting it to so few.

    I still have an earth hope, but I will only whisper it quietly at this time, as I wouldn’t want to get in the way of your important message now.

    Again, Get Well Soon!–Rest, chicken soup and vitamin C. :)

    Sister SSLamb


  22. Bro. Ed says:

    Dear brothers and sisters who are visiting but not yet convinced that the Governing Body is not Gods representative, I want to pose the following to you:

    Would you agree that the Bible teachs that the Head of Christ is God and that the Head of man is Christ? (1 Corinthians 11:3). Would you also agree that the Head of the congregation is Christ? Ephesians 5:23 says, “23 because a husband is head of his wife as the Christ also is head of the congregation, he being a savior of [this] body.”

    If you agree with this teaching then I’d like you to think very carefully about the following fact: Under the incorporation laws of every country, the authority rests with the Governmental Agency that administers the Acts and Regulations. This simply means that the incorporated entity is SUBJECT to the directions of a human authority where that authority has legal jurisdiction. Now what is wrong with the following statement:
    “Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Inc. was established to organize and administer the congregational affairs of Jehovah’s Witnesses in the United States.

    It filed for incorporation on August 21, 2000 in New York State as a “domestic non-profit corporation” in Putnam County, New York. An incorporation record was also filed with the State of Florida on March 3, 2006, as a “foreign on profit corporation” with agency in Collier County, Florida.

    Christ is the Head of his body, his congregation and would never be subjected to earthly authorities. If nothing else can convince you to ask serious questions then I fear nothing else will.

    Heavenly Father, may Christ our Lord and savior establish his congregation on earth before the end comes. May he return and find the faith he first established nearly 2000 years ago, filled with a loving family who have subjected themselves under his authority, just as you Father have given it to him, in heaven and on earth.

    Christ come soon, but in this brief time remaining, we ask you to ask the Father on our behalf to send the spirit to all who are working to do his will. This prayer is asked in your name, just as you have instructed us to do.



  23. John S says:

    Amen,and Father,we remember your Son’s words,”My Kingdom is no part of this world”,and we are determined to never allow a worldly,fleshly frame-of-thinking or posture to characterize our Christian brotherhood,but by so doing we will preserve the cleanliness and true life-blood of this body;the HOLY SPIRIT.This determination will prevent us from following the path of the “Harlot” of Revelation,besmirching your holiness with filth,and even BLOODGUILT as ‘She’ has done.


  24. Alden says:

    This is the right way to go about it, Cedars! I can support this.


  25. Camelot says:

    Brother Cedars, thank you for being able to do what so many others effected by the WTBTS wish they could. It was powerful. I commend you on all your hard work. I know this is going to help many in their struggle. The men who call themselves the “Governing Body” will no doubt understand fully that behind this article and this website are numerous untold followers who are falling away and causing a domino effect. They (GB) are able to print more magazines with their admonitions on shunning, but what is becoming more and more apparent to the audience is that they have a HISTORY that is TRACEABLE. OOPS! People can do research on this organization and figure out that they are FALSE PROPHETS. The information is out there, just take the time to do the research. The GB has NO control over their lose ends or how available it IS to those searching– ((chuckle))
    I have no question that your work Brother Cedar is being blessed! All the best!


  26. Eve says:

    Hi Cedars,
    I was reading the comments of the pdf jwsurvey in the past half an hour and I am more and more happy that I got to know the JW religion as an adult. I had already had my conscience built up within me and I never let even the JW doctrine get the best of it. I could retain my common sense and for this I am very grateful now. Even though I agreed with the Society’s views about Christmas and birthdays something in me kept me back from applying it in a fanatical way, so I let my family celebrate Christmas, but I only watched them from afar, I let my children celebrate their birthdays, but I gave them presents on another day and did not celebrate mine, I called my Dad on the phone and wished him happiness but did not utter the word ‘birthday’ etc. (He never noticed anything strange.) In this way I could somehow reconcile my beliefs, theirs, common sense and most of all consideration and respect for others. I could never be forceful when talking to my children about my faith, I just told them my own thoughts and feelings which were based on what I learnt from the Bible with the help of WT publications but I only told them the things (and also to people in the ministry) which already became ‘mine.’ I told my children, nobody forced me to become a witness and I did not force them either. Maybe because of this none of them followed my religion but I just could not exchange what my conscience told me for what I was told to do in order to raise them in Jehovah’s guidance. Of course, they came a lot with me to meetings, assemblies and conventions, and sometimes witness trips, but when they did not want to come any more I let them stay at home. I was not able to put our relationship as a ‘witness and student,’ so to say, before our relationship as mother and child. Also, I never liked theocratic expressions, especially those not found in the Bible. I thought the more we use common language, as far as it is fit to express what we want to express, the best. I don’t like any jargons, they somehow narrow down one’s thinking. Of course, it is needed in many territories of life but I feel that some people like to use it, including theocratic jargon, in a “l’art pour l’art” way, and they like to overuse it, just to show off, to show they belong somewhere. But it’s not the belonging that counts, rather, really believing in what we are talking about and genuine honesty.
    So now I am happy that I failed to ‘submerge’ totally in the JW religion and life style, the lack of which I have always felt and wanted to do something about it in order to become a ‘better witness’ but now I think maybe it wasn’t accidental that I was simple not able to do that. Something deep inside me did not allow it and I felt I have to be faithful to that something, and now I think I did it right.
    This does not mean, of course, that I think everything is bad in the teachings of the WT, no, there are many good things but every teaching I put through the filter of my conscience which, I do believe, is based on the Bible and some other valuable books and things I read/experienced in my life. I have some real nice friends among the witnesses though not too many whom I would be sorry to lose.
    The best to you, Cedars, thanks for your excellent work.


  27. Freethinkerinjah says:

    My prayers are being answere by Jehovah for revealing the disgusting thing. History is being repeated in this last days as when the spirit guided Ezekiel to see son of man he said, do you see what they are doing? Do you see the detestable sins—Ezekiel chap 8. Ezekiel chap 34 tells about the male rams and their spiritual abuse of its flock chech out the book of Jude of more spiritual abuse. The bible doesnot shy away from this issue that’s why Christ condemned the Pharisees. The practice of gb disfellowshipping is based to the letter on what the Pharisees did chech out insight of the scriptures and look up Pharisees and their practice of removing ones out of their organization. Other scritptures to check 1peter 4:17 GOds judgement starts with his house. 1john 4:1–test the inspired expressions to see whether they originate with GOd— think about this mt dear brothers and sisters if Adam and eve were not safe in the garden because of an imposter and it worked then don’t you think Satan will try it again in a spiritual paradise? The bible does give us the heads up on man rule vs JEHOVAH RULES. Satan is just using the same old trick he’s using a substitute fot jesus’s
    Headship because humans are so easy to fool when it comes to who we give our loyalty too. Jesus warned about the sheep in and he was not talking about the obvious fake relious leaders that would be too easy Satan is smarter than that he is going use one of own to really test where you hearts at. If you keep up on your prayerful relationship with Jehovah through Christ and call on his name for comfort you will get thought all this because what will happen to the leven in the bread is really going to be something! Stay tuned Jehovah will take care of everything


  28. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Dear brother Cedar thank you telling the truth I have not been this excited about the things of Jehovak since the study in the truth book back in the 60’s boy have I seen a lot of watering down the very thing the elders spoke of back in the 60’s. Only problem was that they they as Jehovah favorite people they were beyond ant worry of that, while the bible is full of scripture pointing to the crisis that is going on with th GB today. Just read all of ez chap 34 that’s just for starters the weeds are starting to look differ ate from the wheat in God,s own back yard love you all freethinkerinjah


  29. Freethinkerinjah says:

    Thank you bro cedar for your courage in speaking the truth. The weeds are starting to look differant from the wheat in God,s own back yard love you all freethinkerinjah


  30. MDC says:

    Many here may have read this account regarding the similar comparisons with Jehovahs witnesses and the Worldwide Church of God, who have published The Plain Truth magazine.

    Notice if you will the apology of the church leader (leaders) regarding some errors in scriptural understanding and also the hard line they took where others promulgated a difference of opinion. They apologized in no uncertain terms, with a heartfelt love ( philia) to all their congregants worldwide. The question who be asked. How refreshing it would be if the obvious errors and unloving attitude of the Watchtower organization was as forthcoming, asking for forgiveness. Christian 101 right? Your brother, MDC


  31. DanielB says:

    Let’s hope for this to eventually happen . If the WTS does not make retractions though , they will wind up in a bad way in the end . Perhaps prayers will help . . .


  32. Phillips says:

    Dear JWs or former JWs,
    The darkness of this place where you are can only be dispelled by the Holy Spirit, which will lead you directly to Jesus! Yes, you can say Jesus, you do not need to use Yeshua. You are only afraid to use the name of Jesus because of the strong WT indoctrination, that says Jesus is not God. I am a person who struggled with the programming for 22 years, from outside the org. I was DFd two years after being baptized at the tender age of 18. Like all it was emotionally devastating. Half of my extended family has not spoken to me since then and now it has been 40 years. However, the short time I was in profoundly effected my psyche…as my core beliefs about God and really my universe were WT teachings. Naturally I was near suicidal when disfellowshipped and it would read like a senseless tragedy….thankfully i had the “bad” side of the family to rely on but even they held many JW beliefs, so I was the black sheep of the white sheep and the black sheep. LOL. Though hindsight is 20/20 in looking back I can see where ‘someone’ was looking out for me for those 22 years, in spite of the devastating toll that being DFed did to my self esteem, I was spared from every danger by the son of God, who is God Himself. God is Love, I and the Father are one, If you have seen me you have seen the Father, I AM the way the truth and the life. I am the good shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep, my sheep know my voice…In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God….It has all been staring you in the face brothers and sisters….if you simply read what is there. My advice….get a King James Version if you can’t feel you trust the NIV…..or an NAB….or the english translation of the Latin Vulgate, I remember the WT using that on occasion in support. God used a horrible experience in my life to save me…keep praying for the whole truth. May the peace of the Lord Jesus be with you…keep seeking and you shall find, “someone,” is looking out for you too and yes it is Yeshua, Jesus. He has begun a good work in you and he is faithful to finish what he has begun…be not afraid.


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