A brother that resigned as an elder wrote this letter to the governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses less than a year ago. Now it has been emailed to thousands of elders and ministerial servants. It is also being re-circulated and sent to many publishers.  It is reproduced below:


The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses
Watchtower Society, Inc.
New York, USA

Dear Brothers,

I served for seven years as an Elder in the Christian Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. I recently relinquished this privilege for the following reasons:

1. My whole life I was taught that Armageddon is going to be here any moment and is “imminent.” The direction from the Holy Spirit said that the end was going to come in 1914, 1925, 1975, and before the end of the 20th Century. Your followers would “never grow old” or “fulfill any career.” That didn’t happen. “Imminent” and “soon” stretched on for over 100 years. These interpretations of Bible prophecy have proven to be false, and yet you continue to pretend that they were “directed by Jehovah.”

2. I was taught that there would be very few “anointed” left when the end came and that the number will decrease as the end drew near. The number of “anointed” is actually increasing.

3. I was told that field service is a “life saving work” that must be performed with a “sense of urgency.” So far not one person’s life has been saved. And even though the work is “urgent,” the antiquated method of calling on empty houses is still used as the primary way of trying to reach people. Television, the Internet, email, postal services, and social networking are not being used – even though the effectiveness of these methods has been proven. I doubt that you feel that this is a “life saving work” yourself.

4. We are taught as an organization that “the light gets brighter” as Jehovah blesses his servants with Holy Spirit and increased understanding. Is Jehovah responsible for flip-flopping doctrines such as the “generation” of Matthew 24:34? Organ transplants? Blood transfusions? The identity of the “superior authorities”? Or is it the men who claim to be “inspired”? Despite these changes, each time the credit (or blame) is given to Jehovah. If the members of the Faithful and Discreet Slave class were actually “inspired,” “faithful,” or “discreet,” these teachings would have never changed.


5. We are taught that we live in a “spiritual paradise” and associate with the “safest group of people on earth.” As elders we were given instructions that in some cases involving criminal behavior by members of the congregation, that we were not to tell the authorities or to warn the congregation. In the past, the organization has tried to sweep this problem under the rug, and continues to do so in a misguided effort to try to protect its reputation.

6. “Disfellowshipping,” as practiced within the organization, cannot be found in the scriptures. Would Jesus have treated sinners the way that we as Witnesses treat sinners?

7. I was taught that the United Nations organization is the “wild beast” described in Revelation, and is one of the organizations “controlled by Satan.” Despite this teaching, the Watchtower Society was partners of the UN for a number of years as an “NGO,” a Non-Governmental Organization. This is the very height of hypocrisy.

8. Even though the “truth” changes, if you believe something other than what is published as the “latest light” (right or wrong), you can be disfellowshipped. I personally have seen this happen. I choose to remain anonymous because of my fear that this will happen to me.

9. 1914 cannot be proven by scripture to be “the end of the Gentile Times.” No one, other than the Witnesses, believes that Jerusalem was destroyed in 607 BCE. Brother Russell used the Great Pyramid of Giza’s measurements to corroborate 1914 as the end of the Gentile Times. His calculation arbitrarily uses a lunar year of 360 days to come to a date based on a solar year of 365.25 days.

10. Even though I have been told repeatedly that world conditions are deteriorating in fulfillment of Matthew 24, earthquakes are not “increasing in frequency” according to the USGS. Crime rates have “dropped dramatically” according to the US Department of Justice. The lifespan of mankind has “risen significantly” since 1914 as pestilence has been treated, controlled, or eradicated according to the US Department of Health. Food shortages are decreasing. Wars are not increasing.

11. Even though I pray through Jesus to Jehovah, I am taught, and expected to teach, that Jesus is not our mediator. This is despite what the Bible says at 1 Timothy 2:5,6.

Brothers, these are some of the reasons that caused me to resign serving as an Elder. I cannot with a good conscience support an organization that pretends to be something that it is not – just as I cannot pretend to be something, or someone, that I am not.

I ask that you consider that the large number of appointed men resigning as being a symptom of a larger problem within the organization. The problem is the Governing Body assumes an arrogant and authoritarian position, in that it acts as God’s sole channel here on earth today. I can see it. Many others have seen it – and are quitting because of it. The vast majority that resign are not doing so because they want to live an immoral life without Godly principles. They resign because they are men of principle.

You cannot control people’s thoughts and intentions, even as much as you would like to. Jehovah created each of us with a sense of fairness and honesty – and most importantly with a free will.

Members of the Governing Body: I ask you to act as men of principle yourselves. Allow people to have the freedom to choose for themselves whether they want to be a part of your organization – or not, and if they choose to leave, allow them to do so without sanctions. Be honest and admit it if you are not sure of a scriptural interpretation; do not force people to believe something that you are not convinced of yourself. Do not allow past mistakes in policy or doctrine to continue to morph into future mistakes that may cost people their families – or even their lives. Lastly, protect the people who are under your spiritual care – not through secrecy, but through transparency – with the foremost quality of love in mind.

Your Brother,




On the original thread on JW.net the claim is even made that the organization responded with a Cease and Desist letter to the anonymous e-mail provider that was being used.

This is truly an interesting development and we will be following it closely. My question is, should those of us that are awakened Witnesses or former Witnesses participate? Would it truly help the brothers and sisters that we send it to? It could reach some, or it could just confirm in their minds that they are in the right faith because of all the “persecution”.


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34 Comments on “Open Letter to the Governing Body” is Creating a Stir

  1. LonelySheep says:

    Again you guys pipped me at the post.

    JJ, I think the help we can give is when the wheels fall completely off this system and the Society with it.

    If a 3rd World War were to start or some other major disaster which proved the luminaries of the FDS to be completely in the dark then the brothers will need help. It would be at THAT moment that a circulation would be needed.

    I had put this forward as an idea on e-Jehovah Witness, but it did not meet with much interest.

    Here is what I posted. Let me know if you think this has got ‘legs’
    Brothers, I mentioned this thread to one of the brothers who are ‘awake’ and we got chatting on how we help the bros and sisters when everything kicks off. Any case long story short, we both thought it would be a good idea to send an email to friends etc explaining what was happening, especially if Watchman is correct about the Society going down.

    So we got chatting what the contents of the aforementioned email should contain and that is the reason for responding to this thread..

    Bros, Watchman, Anybody…. do you think it is feasible for a TEMPLATE email to be compiled that would give say a 5 minute ready recknor for those whose faith would sink when the Society goes down?

    In the event of prophecy unfolding as we suspect we could quickly fire of the email to all that we know and hopefully they would read and discern. So, rather than waiting to write and communicate when things kick off, we would be ready and primed to ‘pull the trigger’.

    I was thinking, why not just direct them to the Watchman site? Well maybe, but some might still cling to vestiges of apostate sites (etc, etc ) and may not take the appropriate action. If on the other hand with urging and prompting from somebody they trust or at least know, it may well be the fillip to get them to act.

    Just a thought, what do you think?

    So in short we have a TEMPLATE letter, which we compose. When the time comes we fire it off to our friends.


  2. andrew says:

    I think the idea of sending an email to those we know is a good idea. If we do it now we may have to do it anonymously. Lonelysheep has a good idea in waiting for a crisis when the email will have more impact. I think having a template ready to go is a good idea.


  3. LonelySheep says:

    So the question is, what would be in the letter and who would compose it?

    Clearly JJ, Andrew et al have the skills for such an undertaking, so who is going to volunteer? :-)


    • JJ says:

      So the question is, what would be in the letter and who would compose it?

      I think the letter is already very good. That’s not to say that more/less or another tack couldn’t be taken, but as it stands, it is very good as is in IMO.


  4. A Visitor says:

    Perhaps a date could be selected for ALL associated Witnesses to openly discuss their dissatisfactions within and among the organization, and anticipation could be built over a short time for the preparation of this day. Then on that day response will be overwealming enough that there is no way for all of the mass disfellowshipping to occur of the masses. Why not just disorganize any bad organization of things?


  5. Siam says:

    Hi, I am the Ex-elder who wrote this letter. I initially posted it at jehovahs-witness.net. I firmly believe that there are many appointed men who are waiting to leave the organization. This letter will show them that they are not alone in their feelings.

    There is another individual who has taken this letter and has begun to send it to many elders throughout the world. This has prompted the Branch to officially respond and apparently even mention the campaign in the District Convention program.

    All if us who see the hypocrisy in this organization must do our best to speak out in a respectful honest way. There have been good results to this campaign and I hope that there are more to come.

    By the way I love this blog site. It is very well written and commented on.



    • andrew says:

      Thanks for writing the letter Siam. I too am an ex-elder. Stepping down from being elder was one of the best things I’ve done.

      If there are honest hearted ones on the Governing Body it might get them to think twice. I pray that it will bear fruit.


  6. Anonymous says:

    About the E-watchman.. of course, he IS right about the WTBTS comming to its end. Because, if you no longer believe that in 1914 Christ returned, then all those prophecys written in the Bible esp. in Peter still have to come true. that Jesus will start with his own house.. and he is right in that when Christ returns there will no longer be the need for the WTBTS. ITs in the Bible clear as day. Jehovah disciplines those He loves. Refines us with fire..Ive been a Jw for these 47 years. Jehovahs people have a history of going beyond what is written ever since they asked Jehovah for a human king. and that will all come to an end..This has been what I was taught by a sister of the anointed… If its not in the Bible, dont believe it,, Even if its in the WT or from the platform. So, far this has worked. I regrett not staying In College because of the Society, but I dont regrett meeting people,and sharing the Bible with them. Jehovah will not allow one of his sheep to be missing. Maybe they arent Jws yet.Maybe they wont be baptized at an Assembly. but when all is said and done , as in the last books of Isaiah , they will all be there in Paradise,, the Real Paradise.


    • Amos says:

      Well said Anonymous,

      I’ll go even further by saying that YHWH has no need of an organization since our Lord’s crucifiction at Calvary & the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

      We need to understand that it was only the Adversary that formed religions, not our Father. We, the anointed are being fed by the Holy Spirit, not by ANY earthly organization! If we need an organization, then I believe we are not of the anointed. I do believe however that we do need wholesome spiritual association together with like minded ones, such as here at “jwstruggle”. I also believe there are countless numbers of God’s children within most christian religious systems, (& possibly outside
      churchianity as well) not just the WTS.

      I absolutely agree with what the anointed sister has taught you…”If it’s not in the bible, don’t believe it”. Almost every time I pick up The Word, I find something new or an expanded thought, this is how we are being taught by the Helper, Parakletos, Holy Spirit.

      BTW, I’d encourage everyone to check out the following NT translation; “Concordant Literal New Testament”. A brother in Australia introduced it to me, & it is an excellent literal translation, I have a copy on order myself. It can be read online free, or purchased from the following link.


      Your Brother in the Lord,


      • luis says:

        Hi Amos. Just wanted to warn you about the Concordant version. It’s history is somehow connected to the Watchtower and early WTBTS leadership.

        Read this found at: http://lambsmarch.yuku.com/topic/654

        “Advertised in the June 15, 1920 issue of The Watch Tower. The Society had ordered 10,000 copies of each part of the Concordant Version. The “Popular Edition – Without Notes,” was prepared specifically for the Society, but after selling only 2000 copies Judge Rutherford cancelled the order.

        In a letter to the Publisher (The Concordant Publishing Concern), recorded in Unsearchable Riches magazine, January 1928, Rutherford states that the order had been inserted into the Watchtower “by one who had no authority.” Judge Rutherford said that he had cancelled the order when he heard that the translator believed in “Universal Reconciliation,” in spite of the fact that this edition of the Version had no notes by the translator, or any indications of his doctrinal views on any subject.

        This was, of course, in contradiction to the Society’s policy allowing sale of and later publication of “The Emphatic Diaglott” which is filled with Benjamin Wilson’s Christadelphian interpretations.

        The real reason was undoubtedly that some in the Society were reading other literature produced by the Concordant Publishing Concern, and were themselves adopting the teaching of Universal Reconciliation.

        Of the early leaders in the Society, the following left to become supporters of Universal Reconciliation and the work of the Concordant Publishing Concern:

        Fredrick H Robison, one of the original Editorial Committee members, mentioned in Pastor Russell’s will, and later arrested along with Rutherford and others, during WWI, for alleged violation of the Espionage Act;

        Menta Sturgeon, pastor Russell’s traveling secretary, who was with him on his transcontinental trip when he died in 1916;

        Walter H Bundy, a Pilgrim for the Society.”

        So, before recommending this version, take some time to research a bit more. I wouldn’t. There are several good versions available and a questionable one is not a good option for someone who’s searching for the Truth.




        • Amos says:

          Hi Luis,

          I was aware of the bias towards “Universal Reconciliation” & would not allow that to bias my own beliefs in this way.

          Thank’s for pointing out the connections with the WTS in the early years, I didn’t know this was the case.

          I often use Wilson’s Diaglot also with the same cautions as above, which incidentally I use with regard to ANY translation.

          One of the best that I have used is the Jay P. Green Interlinear, as this is based on the “Textus Receptus” which I believe to be among the best of the Grk to Eng master texts, much better than Westcott & Hort, IMHO.

          However, I much prefer the Aramaic to English NT’s, as they are from older manuscripts than any Grk that are still in existence.



  7. JWB says:

    “Because sentence against a bad work has not been executed speedily, that is why the heart of the sons of men has become fully set in them to do bad. Although a sinner may be doing bad a hundred times and continuing a long time as he pleases, yet I am also aware that it will turn out well with those fearing the [true] God, because they were in fear of him. But it will not turn out well at all with the wicked one, neither will he prolong his days that are like a shadow, because he is not in fear of God.” (Ecclesiastes 8:11-13)

    We might despair that the organization appears to be going strong after so many decades of dictating how the lives of JWs should be run. However, justice will prevail in God’s due time of accounting. It may well be done soon through the ‘superior authorities’, as it seems the WTS feels it can do as it wishes. A case that comes to mind is the recent matter in Australia concerning the WTS ignoring certain child protection requirements.

    “Therefore he who opposes the authority has taken a stand against the arrangement of God; THOSE WHO HAVE TAKEN A STAND AGAINST IT WILL RECEIVE JUDGMENT TO THEMSELVES. For those ruling are an object of fear, not to the good deed, but to the bad. Do you, then, want to have no fear of the authority? Keep doing good, and you will have praise from it; for it is God’s minister to you for your good. But if you are doing what is bad, be in fear: for it is not without purpose that it bears the sword; for it is God’s minister, an avenger to express wrath upon the one practicing what is bad.” (Romans 13:2-4)


  8. CoCo says:

    Dear Friends:
    I attended the infamous “mentally-diseased” WT study and all I can say is that I am angered by the assertions made; it’s time to speak out, and this wonderful new website is one of many more to come, I’m sure.
    Do you wonder if the Society has any conception of the law of unintended consequences?
    Blessings and peace,


  9. CoCo says:

    Thank you, greybeard.
    Our WT-study conductor told us that visiting JW-related websites (and participating thereon) is a display of disloyalty toward Jehovah and his organization. I have been raised to be compliant and accepting of what is, in this case, the Society’s directives. No questions asked. Given, however, that the current ruling class is comparable in character to Rehoboam, I can no longer sit back and simply say “wait on Jehovah.”
    Don’t we have a song entitled “Be Like Jeremiah!” Well, here we are!
    All the best to you and yours,


  10. greybeard says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this letter SIAM! Very good! I did read it the first time around but for some reason forgot to comment.

    I loved it!

    Thank you brother,

    your brother in Christ,


    • SIAM says:

      Thanks Greybeard. Hang in there. You are truly not alone. There are many of us who are trapped within the organization wishing that Jehovah will change circumstances. I sent this letter to Patterson and Brooklyn this last winter. Never did get a response for some reason.

      Things are heating up within the organization, and it is the power of websites like this one that will unite honest-hearted ones who see how corrupted and misguided the organization has become.

      The Arab Spring is a good example of how the internet helped oppressed people who then united and overthrew the tyrants that had previously ruled for decades.

      The Governing Body has got to know that their time is quickly running out. None of their prophecies have come true. We are now almost 100 years past 1914 and nothing has happened. They are not only guilty of false prophecy but they have also demanded worship and devotion that is reserved for Christ and his Father. The Governing Body’s judgement will be harsh.



      • greybeard says:

        Thank you SIAM,

        I am looking forward to the day the GB is no longer in power. They hold my family captive. I just received some very hurtful words from my son today and it sickens my heart. I just take it one day at a time and keep praying for help to cope with the heart ache. I know I am not alone.


        • Amos says:

          Thank’s for your thoughts SIAM, the day will come for judgement.

          Greybeard, my heart is with you & ALL others suffering at the cruel hands of the GB.
          By their actions they prove who their true father is, our adversary.

          As SIAM said; “The Governing Body’s judgement will be harsh.”

          They are enjoying their glory now.

          I know where you are coming from as ALL my close family are also locked within the WTS. When ever we pass in the street, there is no recognition, they just stare straight through me as though I didn’t exist. I’ve been told not to contact them again.

          WCL to all,


  11. JWB says:

    Dear Brothers Greybeard and Amos, this is for you and any other brothers and sisters feeling down and alone.

    “For it was not an enemy that proceeded to reproach me; Otherwise I could put up with it. It was not an intense hater of me that assumed great airs against me; Otherwise I could conceal myself from him. But it was you, a mortal man who was as my equal, One familiar to me and my acquaintance, Because we used to enjoy sweet intimacy together; Into the house of God we used to walk with the throng.” [Psalm 55:12-14; NWT]

    “For you do not take delight in sacrifice – otherwise I would give [it]; In whole burnt offering you do not find pleasure. The sacrifices to God are a broken spirit; A heart broken and crushed, O God, you will not despise.” [Psalm 51:16, 17; NWT]

    “Be gracious to me, O Lord, for I am pining away; Heal me, O Lord, for my bones are dismayed. And my soul is greatly dismayed; But You, O Lord – how long? Return, O Lord, rescue my soul; Save me because of Your lovingkindness. For there is no mention of You in death; In Sheol who will give You thanks? I am weary with my sighing; Every night I make my bed swim, I dissolve my couch with my tears. My eye has wasted away with grief; It has become old because of all my adversaries. Depart from me, all you who do iniquity, For the Lord has heard the voice of my weeping. The Lord has heard my supplication, The Lord receives my prayer. All my enemies will be ashamed and greatly dismayed; They shall turn back, they will suddenly be ashamed.” [Psalm 6; NASB]


    • Amos says:

      JWB, Thank’s for these verses & the encouragement that comes from them, it is appreciated.

      “How good it is to dwell in unity with our brothers.”


  12. Tammi says:

    Thank you brothers and sisters for the encouragement and especially to bro Siam for sending the letter to GB! I too, am one who recently has been awakened (after 25 years) to the false doctrines of JW’s! “The mind control” they use is a terrible thing! This site, i know will help many who have been mislead! I’m hoping to send this to my friends and family hoping they will listen, take notice and break free!
    Your sister,


  13. Awaken2 says:

    I too, want to include my words of thanks to each of you for articulating things I feel but haven’t the ability to properly phrase; and Brother Siam how courageous you are to outline a litany of erroneous teachings the GB, are arrogantly, standing firm on. I am so exhausted from sitting through countless WT studies designed to scold and shame b/s who they feel is not up to par in their preaching schedule of at least 10 hours per month. I enjoy meeting with like minded people, striving to be good Christians, but frankly it’s a struggle to attend now, I simply don’t know how much I can take of the brow beating from the GB. They serve only to rob one of the joy derived from the meetings; I feel so drained after meetings now, seems like you’re never good enough.


  14. Ruth says:

    Dear Awaken2.

    You are being set free from a false religion. Jesus is the the only Way, the only Truth. the only life.
    No one can go to our Father except through him. But on the other hand be very careful not to follow any one made ideas on your new journey. “God is the same yesterday , today and for ever.
    His commandments dont change because we want to change them.

    Our Lord loves you so much and is trying to help you come to him alone. Not religion just to him.
    He will teach you all you need to know from here on in. Gods sends the holy spirit.
    Roman 8:11 says,
    But if the Spirit of him that raised Jesus up from the dead lives in you, He who raised Jesus frrom the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through HIS spirit that dwells in you.

    So my Awake2. Please do not feel down. Rejoice that our Lord Jesus Christ is going to help you through this to see man can do nothing for us. Its the Fathers will that he sent Jesus, even to live in our hearts to help us from now on.
    Roman 8:28 is a great scripture. This is for you.
    And we know that God causes all things to work to gether for the good to those who who LOVE God, ( thats you) To those he called according to HIS purpose!

    Awake2. You are being called out of a false religion accordingly for His purpose! Seems like he has much for you and us all to do.
    Your not alone. Do not be affraid. What does he say? Im with you where ever you go.
    Your sister Ruth from Australia.


  15. Pip says:

    Bravo Siam! How brave you are! We are all brave, because that is one thing this corrupt organization taught us, to stand firm, but now we really can stand FIRM for what is right! Freedom for the real capitives held hostage to this publishing company!


  16. N.A.W. grandchild of a member of the remnant says:

    I think it is time that those who have left and those from within who slip infomstion out and join force which includes those of the anointed who have been raped and melested as adults and children. File joint lawsuits in every nation and the internstional courts. Agaist the governing body past and present died or alive. For every wrong doing that has accurd because of them and those who are stupid enough to follow there immoral and even illegal order they give covering up what these perverts have done over the years. Plus force the governing body and all elders, ministaral servants and overseers to sit on the stand and be questioned under poligraph I know it not a 100 % full proof but it will show the jw Community they have been lied to and manipulated. Then put them under sodium petithal / truth serium. Some may find this harsh but the way I see it they have lied enough. And there forced to tell the truth ordenary JW’s will never look or listen to them in the same way. My grandparent worned me that WTBTS would go down for all the wrong doing they have done. In which case I feel the GB’s lawyers should go to prison with them to helping to allow this mess to continue. And one thing I remember my grandparent telling me is that that the GB where full of them selves and that they did have to listen to the remantant which they claim to represent along With Jehovah. And I read a letter posted on the web by members of the anointed from around the world who told them that they have to make policy changes and what those changes had to be. But The GB refused showing that they refuse to take correction when being corrected by the remanent. Who are being moved by the spirit. And many have been raped and molested themselves. So they understand. And as for my grandparent who was one of the remenant. That grandparent was a woman and she was raped by an elder and he told her they won’t believe you your a woman I’m an elder. And I use was because she Past away in November of 2001. Which affect me greatlly because we were close infact she along with a couple of elders in my local congregation were helping me deal with a gift I was born with and in some cases allowed us to clean out the perverts in our congregation. They were disfellowshiped and turned over to the police. And two of the elders visit with my grandmorher in her lastdays. And new she was of the remanant and took to heart what she said. About not covering up for wrong doers. By doing what the GB tells them they are staining god name rather than helping to keep it clean. So I say let’s clean house once and for all. Let get these deramged men out and what few woman there are out. An lockup for good on jail and prison sails for Jehovah and Jesus to dealwith.


    • miscreant droid says:

      Our lord Christ warned us about pharisees for a reason. I don’t think it would be particularly easy for a group of sexual deviants to maintain a club within the Org. as it has been in some other Christian religions, but these men are exceptions regardless. An elder from my hall in CA spent the last ten years of his life in prison for his crimes and there was no sympathy from the congregation. I don’t think it would be possible to find a church or any Christian group that was entirely free of foul play, so your request for sodium pentathol and judicial committees before the world’s governments should be applied to EVERY Christian church or none at all.
      Lately I feel I have no idea at all what form Armageddon will take. Perhaps all in the living world will stand for judgment BEFORE the boot drops. Should prove to be amusing for many of us, either way.


  17. danielB says:

    No doubt a class action suit could succeed in turning the tide , but only if it would be what Yeshua would support . We could pray over this . Apparently it has not yet been the timely thing to do . One thing is for sure though . There are millions of dissatisfactions expressed by sincere worshippers of YHWH in Christ , which are making certain success , for the awakening of dear brothers and sisters who seem locked into the concepts of the WTS .

    Our prayers are important . And along with our petitions to God there is much hope and security . All in due time . . . all in due time .


  18. Chris says:

    Amen, Daniel,all in due time.


  19. Mel says:

    First,I’d like to applaud Siam for courageously breaking free from the erroneous teachings of the organization. Peace and joy to you on your journey!
    The Bible takes that not even jesud knows when the end will come. So how can the governing body possibly know that. I forgot,they don’t!
    My family are victims of this organization. Funny thing is they don’t know it. Smh. It’s the witnesses vs the non-witnesses. Holding themselves in this lofty, pious place. I even had a couple of cousins label me as apostate. All because I asked questions. My mother who is still a devout member has at least found acceptance in me because her alternative is loneliness. I forgot to mention that all of my cousinshave been disfellowshipped at one time or the other. They have all come to me at one time or the other for support because they knew I would be understanding. When each of then decided they wanted to be reinstated, I wanted to make sure that they were sure it was for the right reasons and not merely because of the treatment from their siblings whom they missed. I’m convinced that was the primary reason.
    Once during a hearing,I actually had an elder who was later discovered to be having a a sexual relationship with his daughter. Funny thing is, I felt the questions I was being asked was more for their personal gratification than to determine if my acts were willful which I had already stated they were. The details is my escapade is no one’s business. I was asked to leave the room so they could determine my discipline when I heard them say she doesn’t comment anyway or go in field service. I hag already removed myself. I hate hypocrisy! There was no doubt that I’ve done wrong. I take full ownership of that. But even before that,as a child I was never included in anything. I always felt as I was outside. My mother feel the same way but she remains faithful because she said she doesn’t serve jehovah for the people. Fortunately for her, she’s a loner. Also I forgot to mention that the daughter of the elder who was sexually molested by her father was also disciplined for allowing it to continue. Smdh!
    Does anyone remember the story about Raymond Franz who wad disfellowshipped for turning apostate. After further investigation, I discovered he too questioned the governing body. Being that he was a member of the body,he saw first hand the inconsistencies and dissention amongst the other members. Does that make him apostate? Most certainly not.
    During some of my own research, I discovered that the founder wad into astrology and had symbols atop the watchtower Bible and track society building. Also there was a time when blacks were not allowed in the organization. Does that sound like something that a just God would have sanctioned? But I guess the light got brighter with that as well.
    I also remember college being forbidden. Although some of my friends had full rides that they could not utilize. My moiety claims they only discouraged it,not forbid it. I, too heard the talk forbidding it.
    There are so many things I could share from my personal experiences, but it’ll keep for another post.
    I do want to encourage anyone who needs it to continue to seek knowledge. Continue to have that connection with God and Christ. No one has more of a connection to him than you do for you and your life. I discovered just how connected I am when I walked away over 25 years ago when I felt so incredibly disconnected while still attending meetings at the hall. I am still seeking, I am happy and we’ll adjusted.


    • JimmyG says:

      For accuracy’s sake: Ray Franz was not disfellowshipped for ‘apostasy’. In early 1980, the WT’s governing body asked him to resign as a GB member, which he did. They had a meeting, but couldn’t get the two thirds majority vote to expel him on this charge. He associated with a congregation, minding his own business for about 18 months, until he was accused of the trumped up charge of ‘eating a meal with a disassociated person’. The WT’s judicial wheels rolled and by the end of 1981 he was disfellowshipped. It’s all in the book ‘Crisis of Conscience’.


  20. Art Fern says:

    Truly an outstanding message. I am reminded of the Adulteress who approached Christ to confess her sins. The bystanders, Roman officials, Pharisees, and run of the mill Jews, knew that certainly Jesus would follow the law, she must be STONED. Christ looked at her, seeing her regret, then said: “Go, and sin no more”.
    As stated in the letter, disfellowshipping brings about so many untoward events; suicide, family breakups, but its threat buys loyalty and forced obedience. Will the Tower EVER move towards empathy and compassion even if it means the loss of independent thinkers? Or will they remain applying their law ignoring the consequences?


  21. Frank says:

    You are right, Art Fern, like the Pharisees, Watchtower ‘strains out the gnat but gulps down the camel’!


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