How many are awake to the problems within the WTO? Of the 7 million or so that are active JWs is there any possible way to reach an estimated ballpark number of how many are out there?

I’ve been doing some research on this and I’m good at math but not a statistician (big difference lol) however I’m sticking with it. When scientists count how many hairs are on the human head they actually cordon off a small area (like 1 cm x 1 cm) and then count those and do an extrapolation.

So how many are of the conscious class, the struggling class, whatever we want to call them? Ex-Witnesses are important folks and I love them but for the sake of this exercise I am trying to limit it to how many are still considered JWs (active or inactive) but have serious doubts or know that there are major flaws in the WTO. Maybe they have read Ray Franz’s books, and/or know that 1914, 607, FDS, etc. are false teachings.

So to narrow the number down, there’s this deductive reasoning:

1. There’s gotta be more than a thousand, since there’s easily that many forums, boards, and “ex-JW” blog sites online alone, lol.

2. There could be over ten thousand awake Witnesses because there are that many posters/contributers on all these forums and blogs actively typing away as we speak.

3. Could there be 100 thousand? It seems unlikely there’s more than that but who knows… Elijah thought he was all alone but there was 7,000 that had not bent their knee to Baal.

How could we ever take a census? Imagine if every one of these sites had a link to something like: “” where each of us could register their ‘net name and be counted. It might be staggering…

Anyways I’m dreaming and the alarm clock is buzzing so I’ll wake up now…

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  1. LonelySheep says:

    Hi JJ,

    I’ve often pondered that.

    Perhaps the Society feel that the number is significant enough to warrant telling the bros/sis at nearly every meeting the need for obedience. I can’t wait until those fraudsters at HQ get their come-uppance. Not for my sake, but for all the lives they have ruined, without even saying sorry. Any case, I rambling again.

    By the way, the link you posted is broken. :-(


  2. JJ says:

    The website is made up and is just part of my “thought experiment” :-)

    But feel free to register it and “git ‘er done” and I’ll help you all I can!


  3. Jon says:

    I think many if not all are awake, but are more afraid of man than God , to open up or just walk away.


  4. DannyH says:

    Jon there’s no way that all/most are aware of the lies and the manipulation. Have you tried to witness to a Witness lately? It ain’t easy they already think they know it all


  5. Jon says:

    Danny , thats only because they are afraid of the org. they know its true but the dont want the stigma of man disfellowshipping them. and yes, Ive spoke to alot of them and they know. look at the ones on EW site. they all know , and still follow the lie.


  6. JJ says:

    Interesting stuff Jon. I’d be curious as to how many unique visits he gets in a month…that would help gauge our ballpark numbers. Could you find out more and let me know?


  7. Jon says:

    Do you mean the visits EW site gets? Almost all there are JWs in good standing , still going to the meetings, but know the real truty and hide out on his site. He encourages this. I talk to many in my community who know about the U.n. , about 1914 being wrong and other issues, but wont budge because they fear being disfellowshipped.
    Only a few on ew site, including himself, dont attend anymore.


  8. JJ says:


    The JWN is one of the largest forums for current and former Jehovah’s Witnesses on the internet. I recently found out via this thread that they have about 60,000 active members posting on the site. 60,000! A significant percentage of these (how much we don’t know) are still technically Witnesses. This is a strong piece of circumstantial evidence that boosts the plausibility of the estimate made that there are perhaps 100,000 “Awake Witnesses” still in the organization.


  9. simpleman says:

    There are many ‘awake’ who are of the “conscious class” (I particularly like that expression the “conscious class”)

    However I’m not in agreement that all religions are acceptable to God and his people are found within them as you claim on this site, nevertheless I understand where you are coming from. I have met many who are trinitarians who obviously have a love for God but seriously miss the mark as to his identity. The idea that God is a trinity was perpetrated by the Devil in 325CE and is clearly not biblical, to have a relationship with God one needs to know who he is in the first place and what Jesus’ relationship is to him as John 17:3 clearly states.

    Even so I have found this site interesting and though debate comes progress.


    • greybeard says:

      Hi Simpleman,

      lets say their is a man who spends all his life studying the Bible. He figures out God is no trinity, no hell fire and such things and get’s it all right (in his mind) then spends all his life proving how correct he is preaching to others as JW’s do. Never does anything charitable or loving for anyone. But he loves Jesus and is SAVED. That is man number 1 ok

      Man number 2, an atheist, born an orphan, raised in different families and abused all his life. Dedicates his life to helping orphans and protecting them. Feeds the hungry and does many loving acts for strangers and those in prison all his life. Doesn’t believe in a God because of all the sadness he has seen and been through. But is very loving, more than most who claim to know God.

      What man here do you think God would want in heaven with him? It would only take a nano second to prove to the atheist that God exists but how long would it take God to teach the preacher how to LOVE?

      Personally I think you and many like you have got it all wrong. Your more busy trying to figure out doctrine then you are spending time helping/loving others. Many go their entire life thumping the Bible without showing love and preaching to others their doctrine. They miss the entire point Jesus came to make. LOVE YOUR BROTHER AND DO GOOD TO PEOPLE.

      God will judge us by the LOVE we show not how much we know. Jesus said it himself at Matthew 25: 37-40.

      Who cares if God is a trinity or not? I know many, MANY who believe the trinity that are way more loving and charitable than most people.

      Don’t strain out the nat and gulp down the camel.

      your brother,


      • greybeard says:

        another point…

        The Bible says God is making an estimate of hearts. He is searching the heart. Think about this. It is about our heart not our brain.


  10. JJ says:

    You make a good point simpleman. “Salvation Issues” as they have been called are things that are not small an inconsequential. Figuring out which is which an what is what is harder now that we know the “slave” does not have all the answers. Christian maturity is what we have to strive for, and Jehovah and his king Christ Jesus have shown us the way. He said “I am the door”.


  11. DanielB says:

    And, “Better it is to be lowly in spirit with the meek ones than to divide spoil with the self-exalted ones.” Knowledge can puff up, and when the knowledge is false, some bad traits can show up with it. But love builds up.


  12. DanielB says:

    Prov 16:19


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