2 Cor. 11:15 – “It is therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep transforming themselves into ministers of righteousness.”

Paul had a struggle with the “superfine apostles” of the congregation in Corinth. These men, although giving an appearance of righteousness, were actually ministers of Satan. How would the Corinthian Christians recognize these ministers of Satan?

Let’s read 2 Cor. 11:20 – “In fact, you put up with whoever enslaves you, whoever devours what you have, whoever grabs what you have, whoever exalts himself over you, whoever strikes you in the face.”

Paul first mentions “whoever enslaves you” it seems most of the superfine apostles were Jewish Christians who tried to enslave the Corinthians by adding more rules and regulations from the old mosaic law. Likewise today there are those who try to control the flock by going “beyond what is written”(1 Cor 4:6) and lay a heavy burden of rules upon their brothers. However Christians are not under a system of law, only the law of love. 2 Cor. 3:17 – “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Lord is, there is freedom.”

Second and third Paul says these ministers of Satan would “devour” and “grab” what you have. Yes these men would pray upon the flock and take advantage of the flock. We have all seen the so-called “prosperity” preachers. These make money the focus of their ministry and many have become rich. However others are more subtle. Any minister who lives in luxury at the expense of the flock would fit this description. The average JW is not a rich person, many do janitorial work or other menial labor to get by. How does their lifestyle compare to the ones at the very top of the organization? I suspect that few if any at the top of the organization have a big bank account. However we must compare lifestyles. From what I understand the GB and their close associates have quite a high standard of living. They live and work in a high rise apartment building which has tremendous real estate value. All meals are cooked, prepared and served to them. All insurance is paid. Daily maid service. In fact all expenses are paid. They have a car and driver available. They travel all around the world several times a year. Beyond the monthly stipend they receive gifts from their followers. How much would a non Bethelite JW  have to make a year to have the same standard of living? $300,000 $400,000? They depend on contributions for this life style. Is this taking advantage of the flock?

Fourth, Paul says these “superfine apostles” would exalt themselves over the flock. Does this minister claim a special relationship with God? Does he claim being especially appointed by God? Is the authority he exerts so awesome that,unlike Jehovah himself, he allows no one to question his decisions or teachings? How is disagreement with him viewed?

Fifth, Paul says that they would strike the flock in the face. In other words they wouldn’t treat the flock with tenderness. What is expedient for the minister or the organization would be of supreme importance. The rights and the importance of the individual members of the flock would be of secondary importance. Perhaps guilt would be used as a motivational tool. Perhaps when one disagrees with the minister or organization his motives are called into question perhaps even his love of God is questioned. Instead of letting love and mercy rule, organizational policy would be strictly held to.

Satan hasn’t changed his designs.

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4 Comments on “Ministers of Righteousness”

  1. Dennis says:

    Hard to argue with that. Thanks for the article Andrew. I enjoyed it.



  2. JJ says:

    “Likewise today there are those who try to control the flock by going ‘beyond what is written'(1 Cor 4:6) and lay a heavy burden of rules upon their brothers.”

    Bravo for pointing this out brother. It is unfortunately one of the biggest problems facing us today.


  3. Greybeard says:

    Brovo! Brovo! I agree 100%

    Thanks for the article.



  4. Amos says:

    Thank’s for the article from me also Andrew.

    I believe that we are now in the time when the Holy Spirit is doing a separating work, dividing out from all belief systems the last of the anointed….”& then the end will come!”

    Andrew, your posting some great articles, keep them coming…”feed my little sheep”.

    You see, this is another reason why there is no need for a GB, (& there never has been) as members of the little flock, “under the direction of the Holy Spirit”, are feeding each other. I believe that this is what it’s all about, “each one according to their gift” will contribute to the upbuilding of the body of Christ.



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