So many today want their voice to be heard. They crave to be heard- DEMAND to be heard! Literally millions of books and articles have been written, not to mention the thousands and thousands of blogs and forums on the internet. Angry JWs, Ex-JWs, Children-of-JWs, Spouses-of-JWs, etc. want their voices heard.  Also a variety of Christian groups and religions want their voices heard too, and make many different attempts to “get the word out” about their Sunday services, Christmas pageant, bake sale, Bible summer camp, etc. The creator knows and is aware of this inborn desire that we have for recognition and acceptance. He made us this way. Are these endeavors wrong? How could they be if God and Christ put it in our DNA? But part of it can also be attributed to “the spirit of the world” (Eph 2:2) Independence, rebelliousness, “me-ism” are all rampant and some of this has rubbed off on all of us, there’s no doubt about it.

Consider Jeremiah. He was commissioned directly by Jehovah to preach to his own people. They didn’t listen, didn’t appreciate it, and for the most part it was a “casting of pearls before swine” as Jesus said. And Jeremiah got discouraged…very, very discouraged. Can you blame him? at Jeremiah 4:19-22 he said:

“. . .O my intestines, my intestines! I am in severe pains in the walls of my heart. My heart is boisterous within me. I cannot keep silent, for the sound of the horn is what my soul has heard, the alarm signal of war. 20 Crash upon crash is what has been called out, for the whole land has been despoiled. Suddenly my tents have been despoiled, in a moment my tent cloths. 21 How long shall I keep seeing the signal, keep hearing the sound of the horn? 22 For my people is foolish. Of me they have not taken note. They are unwise sons; and they are not those having understanding. . . .”

How discouraged are we? Are we letting it all get us down and causing us to lose our Godly Joy? Proverbs 17:22 says “. . .A heart that is joyful does good as a curer, but a spirit that is stricken makes the bones dry.” and that is so true. How badly do we want/need to be heard? We all need encouragement, and to hear “atta boy!” because again, it’s an inherent desire within us. If we are not getting it at home or within our congregation it can be very depressing, and this world is hard enough without another test like that.  Perhaps that’s one of the purposes that the internet serves. It’s certainly a way to connect with fellow Christians and to do research and continue to test ourselves. But we can also get that positive feedback that we all need and deserve. Notice what Paul said at 2 Corinthians 13:5-9:

“. . .Keep testing whether YOU are in the faith, keep proving what YOU yourselves are. Or do YOU not recognize that Jesus Christ is in union with YOU? Unless YOU are disapproved. 6 I truly hope YOU will come to know we are not disapproved. 7 Now we pray to God that YOU may do nothing wrong, not that we ourselves may appear approved, but that YOU may be doing what is fine, though we ourselves may appear disapproved. 8 For we can do nothing against the truth, but only for the truth. 9 We certainly rejoice whenever we are weak but YOU are powerful; and for this we are praying, YOUR being readjusted.”

So this is where our motive comes in. WHY do we want to be heard? What is our true motive, deep within our heart? It reminds us of the illustration Jesus gave about forgiving our fellow brothers, Do we give them the “benefit of the doubt”  and then “doubt the benefits” as the saying goes? (Matthew 18:23-35) Part of that account says”

“28 But that slave went out and found one of his fellow slaves that was owing him a hundred de‧nar′i‧i; and, grabbing him, he began to choke him, saying, ‘Pay back whatever you owe.’ 29 Therefore his fellow slave fell down and began to entreat him, saying, ‘Be patient with me and I will pay you back.’ 30 However, he was not willing, but went off and had him thrown into prison until he should pay back what was owing.”

So no matter how much we disagree with someone else, and feel we are right, we need to show compassion and forgiveness as Jesus instructed us! This could apply to a member of your congregation or a family member or even to one of the ones mentioned above. It doesn’t matter whether they respond or appreciate it- what matters is our attitude and demeanor towards them and towards Jehovah. Remember the song we used to sing, “Let’s be like Jeremiah”? What a great example he set. We don’t want to fall into that worldly trap of thinking “more of ourselves than it is necessary to think” as Romans 12:3 says.  Here’s what James had to say:

“13 Come, now, YOU who say: “Today or tomorrow we will journey to this city and will spend a year there, and we will engage in business and make profits,” 14 whereas YOU do not know what YOUR life will be tomorrow. For YOU are a mist appearing for a little while and then disappearing. 15 Instead, YOU ought to say: “If Jehovah wills, we shall live and also do this or that.” 16 But now YOU take pride in YOUR self-assuming brags. All such taking of pride is wicked. 17 Therefore, if one knows how to do what is right and yet does not do it, it is a sin for him.” (James 4:13-17)

Speak your peace. Be heard. It actually may be part of God’s will and purpose that you do so. Christ said if we didn’t speak the stones  would cry out…But doing it in the right way- that can be the hard part.

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14 Comments on Listen to ME…Please?

  1. rus virgil says:

    Listen to ME…Please?

    YES , I understand this !
    After many years of oppression/or the entire life for some from the “beast” part,
    now it is time to speak out
    from this “speak out” it can bee seen what does we have in our heart :
    do we love Jehovah/YHWH with all our heart , and are we ready to obey His Son (as He commanded to us (Matt.17:5 )…
    will we mock God’s Name because of situations endured/experienced in “organization”…
    Anyway , God foreknew this situation and He has prophetised as it is written
    Micah 2:
    12. I will surely assemble, O Jacob, all of thee;
    I will surely gather the remnant of Israel;
    I will put them together as the sheep of Bozrah, as a flock in the midst of their pasture;
    >> they shall make great noise by reason of the multitude of men. <<

    13. The breaker is gone up before them: they have broken forth and passed on to the gate, and are gone out thereat; and their king is passed on before them, and Jehovah at the head of them.

    this noise may include discussion about "why happened these with God's people", "what is the truth", "what is God's will for us", "what I have to do in order to please God" etc…
    Those continuing to ask , to seek and to knock will find the truth . (Matt 7:7,8 )
    Let it be that you find the truth !
    because the truth will make you free to serve/obey Jehovah God !

    rus v.


  2. andrew says:

    Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Many times one feels a strong inner compulsion to speak up. But as you say the difficult part is to do it in the right way. There is also a time to speak and a time to be quiet. Wisdom is knowing which is which.


  3. C.E.F says:

    For me speaking up about what I feel, think, and have seen is very difficult. I was disfellowshiped in 1983 for smokeing. In 1987 I made a serious attempt to be reinstated, I had moved to another congregation by then and the elders that I approched contacted the elders that had originaly disfellowshiped me and it was then that I discovered that the elders that had disfellowshiped me had no intention of reinstating me. And I mean none whatsoever! I’ve made two attempts altogether, I tried once again in 1998, both times I was told not to bother. It’s nothing I’ve ever done that they do this for, it’s rather a case of keeping me quiet.They don’t want me telling what I know. The short version is that the elders that disfellowshiped me became involved in very serious crimes against me, Lawyers I spoke to told me I could have these men put in prison for decades, and told me what I needed to do to put them and a couple others involved in this into prison. These things include slander, theft, hireing others to swear out falsely, just to get it started. The thing is, I’ve allways felt that for me to meet them in court was the same as fighting against Jehovah. I feel the same as King David did when being persued unjustly by King Saul, David needed justice, we all do, thats part of how we’re made, however when David had two oppotunities to satisfy is need for justice, he thought first of Jehovahs name, and stayed his hand, chooseing instead to suffer unjustly, I feel the same. Mine is an extreme case, although there are others that come close I don’t feel that talking about it is going to do anything except make things worse, I waited twenty years before I said anything to anyone, and was accused of being guilty of the things I was explaining that the elders had done, I mean, these are elders, representatives of Jehovah himself, therefore I must be the one lying, am I not just a disfellowshiped person. Thats the reaction I get, or I’m told that it was a long time ago, just forget about it. Thats from other elders anyway. So, although I’m not opposed to exposeing them by telling my side of the story, or even have these men thrown in prison ( I’d love that to be honest. ) I’d have to drag Jehovahs name through the mud, and in simple terms I’m not willing to fight against Jehovah even though I’m just as innocent as David was, the fact remains that these men are willing to use their position as elders to include Jehovah as their authority, however Jehovah doesn’t lie, swear out false staements, steal, slander, commit adultery, or anything these men practice. Why should he be accused of these things just because some who claim to represent him do. Thats the very short version of who I am and where I am in this world, a worshiper of Jehovah, and a follower of Christ, disfellowshipped by those who practice things worse then I have even done. I believe that in due time, it will be my day, when Jehovah sends the master to settle accounts, till then I don’t honestly know what to do. I lurk about on sites like this looking for association of some kind, I’ve only ever found one person I halfway trust. Perimeno knows my story, and it’s a long one, and is very hard to talk about, not only because of the above stated reason, but also, I get angry and vent my frustration, I tend to obbsess on the subject. I believe that when the time is right, Jehovah will exsopse these men. Till then, I call myself the walkingman, because I walk alone when it comes to worship of Jehovah.


    • JJ says:

      Brother your story just breaks my heart…I believe you completely. There are good elders and there are bad elders just like anything else. These ones you speak of will answer to Jah and Christ in the end.

      As to what you should do…there is no easy answer. I offer you what little
      comfort I can, that of this online fellowship and the many others that are vibrant and full of brothers and sisters that care for you. Most of all our Heavenly Father has all your tears in his “skin bottle” as the scripture says. Please continue your struggle against negativity and all these wicked spirit forces.

      Your Brother in Christ,


  4. Amos says:

    C.E.F. Dear Brother, we who truely love YHWH & have been dfd, do go through such a turmoil that many others don’t seem to understand.

    It was also quite traumatic for myself. During my 1st committee meeting, I was told that I would be dfd regardless of what evidence I had to defend myself with.
    After I moved to a distant conga, 2 years later, the elders in the new conga, said that I could be reinstated in a little while after I moved, & they said to apply for reinstatement a few months following my move. Well, I never did have that meeting, as there was always an excuse given to me for not having it, so I just walked away, & will never return EVER. You see, I have now come to understand that we don’t need to go to the meetings of ANY organization, to fellowship with our Father & His Son, we can do that anywhere.

    I have been so blessed, since I have returned to YHWH, I didn’t leave him, but have left the organ. that claims to represent Him. I restarted my bible study about two years ago now, & then looked at many religions, seeking the truth, & everywhere I turned, could see many beliefs that did not correspond with biblical truth, so decided to do my own research into several topics of importance, I will be posting my findings to some of these, one at a time, for general discussion.

    I now understand that our Father had something special in mind for me, & allowed these events to take place to refine me, & I’m sure that he knew I would respond to His continued calling away from falsehood. It’s rather interesting, that not long before my disfellowshipping, (about 4 yrs) I began to be called by Him, which I mentioned to some brothers, & they said that it was not possible for me to be of the anointed, as the numbers where already filled. I think our Heavenly Father knows what He is doing, better than man.

    Never give up on YHWH, as He will never leave you while ever you stay close to Him. Love Him with your whole soul, mind, heart, & strength….HE will NEVER allow you to totter.

    Your fellow servant in the Lord,



  5. C.E.F says:

    Thsnk you all for your kind words, the reference to the book of James on finding joy during trails was an excellent point, a good readjustment to my mindset on the situation. I used to be on the internet searching for others like me, all I ever found were ex-JW’s whose will and purpose seemed to be bashing their former brothers and sisters, to be honest, I’m not interested in that.If you really stop and think about it, by the time Jesus arrived on this earth some 2000 years ago, you can honestly say that the Jewish leaders of the day had cause the people to stray. Jesus saw the people of that day as sheep without a shepard, and he felt pity for them. ( Mark; 6, 4. ) The Jewish leaders put more emphasis on their traditions and laws then on the laws as handed down through Moses. However, did that mean that they were not Gods chosen people? It did not. They still had the truth, It’s their traditions that caused the law to become invalid, not truth. And what would have been the result If any of the common people had disagreed with any of the teachings of the Pharisees? They would have been cast out, made to be the same as a man of the nations, despised. Is it any different today? In truth, It’s worse. Today If you disagree on a teaching that Is unscriptural, yet taught as being from scripture, you are not cast out and made to be the same as a man of the nations, you are handed over to Satan, labeled an apostate. And what is the end result? Many, through no fault of their own, and due to no choice in the matter, resign themselves to worshipping Jehovah alone. Others however, after having been stumbled then turn on their former companiions, and the organization itself and spend time and money on websites, blogs, and vlogs dedicated to turning people away from the very organization that taught them the truth in the first place. I have come to believe that these people never had the truth in them. Wheather they had been Elders, overseers, or servants of any kind, and no matter how many years they spent learning, they never truly took in knowledge, they never learned the truth. ( 2 Tim; 3, 7. ) These ones don’t just leave the truth, they leave Jehovah. The truth is that these developments of the day were not only expected, but prophesied. In reality, It Is Jehovah they leave, and It Is Jehovah they are now fighting against. In the end they are worse off then when they beagn. How can you teach such ones to repent, inspite of enlightenment on todays situation with regard to the man of lawlessness, how can they repent and re’accept the truth? It’s this same truth they are now fighting against. I’ve seen a video log that one such person has ( and he has many video entries ) on Youtube that claims he had been in the truth for fifty years, been an Elder and had other privledges, yet now he spends his time trying to convince others to leave the truth, he’d been stumbled, and now his preaching work Is dedicated to stumbling others.( and he has his share of followers, those who hate Jehovah give him rave reviews. ) Why did he do that? He has the same Bible I have. Did he not read and understand Jesus illistration at Matt; 13, 24-30, of the weeds and the wheat? Or as the apostle Peter plainly stated that there WILL BE FALSE PROPHETS AND FALSE TEACHERS AMONG YOU! ( 2 Pet; 2, 1-2.) And what of the apostle Pauls own struggle with such apostates in his own day? 2 Cor chapter 11 explains clearly to us that all things considered, we where to expect such developments that are taking place today, Do these things mean that the WTBS never taught the truth, that they don’t have the truth? Well, did the Pharisees of Jesus say have the truth? Did the nation of Isreal as a whole have the truth? They certainly did! They where Gods people still inspite of God dishonoring traditions that the enlighten teachers of the day brought into law. And so what of It? It’s now been over 2000 years since Jesus fortold these events, 2000 years since the man of lawlessness first appeared in Pauls day. Has this man made any progress? You tell me, If I had 2000 years to build a house, you can believe I’d have It done and ready in two years. I’ve been disfellowshipped 25 years, disfellowshipped by men who practice things worse then I’ve ever done, they still practice these things to this day. I’m convinced that Jehovah has preserved me for a later day when the regathering begins. That, however will be a day of cloud and thick gloom. Although I look forward to justice, I’m dubious of that day. ( Amos; 5, 18. ) Yet, inspite of that, I’m still better off then those who hand others over to Satan because of our traditions, and I have more righteousness In my little finger then those who prevent others from returning to the organization because they are afraid of the ones who return telling the truth about them. And so, although I do not consider myself to be righteous, I’m still more righteous then these ones. At Matt; 23,1- 2. we read 1 Then Jesus spoke to the crowds and his disciples, saying, 2 ‘The scribes and Pharisees have put themselves in the seat of Moses. 3 So, do everything they tell you to do… yes, do and pay attention! But don’t do what they do, because they talk but they don’t perform. 4 They assemble heavy packages and lay them on men’s shoulders, but they aren’t willing to budge them with a finger. Thats a far different attitude of those who once being stumbled, go off and beat their former companions, and is most certainly not my mission in life. It took many years of waiting for me to ubderstand that not only are todays developments in reality the fufillment of prophesy, but that in truth, Gods people have always deviated from the truth in one way or another. The difference today Is that It Is not the seat of Moses certain ones claim to sit In, but rather they sit next to the master, claiming his same authority. It dosen’t mean that they don’t have nor never had the truth, any more then It would mean that the Jewish religeous leaders of Jesus day never had the truth, both had at one time walked in light. It’s what these did after recieving this light that has caused others to stumble, not truth. And so, In the end, and to this day, although It’s been twenty five years ( since I was deliberatly stumbled ) my attitude Is the same now as It was then, I shall not raise my hand against these ones as long as they bare Jehovahs name, as long as they remain seated next to the master, even If they’ve set themselves there, they still draw attention to the faith, to the name of Jehovah in effect saying, this Is how Jehovah is, and It’s not. It’s their traditions, not Jehovahs. To go out of my way to expose the faults and short comings of wicked shepards would make me a fighter against God whether these men are criminals or not. However, I must say, that to any good for nothing slave there is that has water to drink, and food to eat, and shares with me and the many others who are sighing and groaning over these things, I am grateful for any correction I may recieve, for any words of comfort in these last days before the master returns. For any explaination on these matters with regard to todays developments saying, do not leave Jehovah, do not draw away,I do not say thank you ( for you are a good for nothing slave, just doing what you should be doing ) but rather I say, I am thirsty, I am hungry, share what you have from the master so that I may readjust my thoughts and gain just a little refreshment, just enough for this day. Tomarrow will take care of itself If I cam make It through today.


  6. Amos says:

    Very well said Brother, you have a very good view of things. Please join in with us in any discussions that interest you.



  7. jacqueline says:

    Dear C.E.F and Amos,
    It seems you have been called to Christ. You really have freedom now. Congratulations, on be DF from an organization like the Sanhedrin.
    Sometimes on our journey to Christ we have to suffer. It can have a cleansing effect. None of us or you would have probably realized we were involved in a Golden Calf situation.
    You might have noticed but not talked about it so others could get warned.
    The way I see it Christ allows us to get upset so we will talk about it and others eyes come open. Suffering for Christ is a good thing who cares abut being DF. I trust you more now than if you weren’t. You are a part of the Concious Class and must tell your story so others can come to Christ. Welcome my brothers or sisters. In Him who saved us. Peace


    • Amos says:

      Dear Sister Jacqueline,
      Thank you for your encouraging post. I was not dfd for apostacy, but about 4 years prior to being dfd, I started to do my own bible study & clearly did see error at that time, this was when I started to be called.

      When I found that some doctrines failed to be supported by scripture, & in some instances were directly opposite to scripture, I then started to carefully talk to others about this. It eventually got back to the sanhedrin, who gave me quite a caution to not talk about what I had found to others. Well, I couldn’t trust any one, so I just kept on with my study in private. It wasn’t very long after this that the false charges were brought against me. I don’t wish to discuss these events.

      I am so glad for my freedom, & have tried unsuccessfully to talk with my family about this, they are so afraid of what man can do.

      I now have a peace that I’ve never known before.

      With Christian love to all….Amos


      • jacqueline says:

        I know how you feel about discussing bad experiences. I Left because of GB taking the place of Christ and saw things as early as 1999. I told some of my story on but that is not why I left. I stayed 10 yrs after and was tortured and hounded by Circuit overseers who had direct orders from Bethel. I gave up and am happy in Christ now. I was never DF’d. I left on my terms not theirs. I see cong. members everyday and they speak. My community is small and closed in,and my court appearance was very public.The BS just posted an excellent article on disfellowshipping and Blood transfusion.Their scriptural support is awesome. Nice talking
        IN Him, Christ


  8. David Paul says:


    Dear friends, brothers, and sisters in Christ,

    Religion calls people to seek God in buildings, programs, groups, hierarchies, organisations, cults, sects, denominations, dogma, doctrine, (legalistic, moralistic, ethnocentric, Gnostic) supremacy, and the like.

    The gospel message or “good news” calls humans to find our heavenly father in a living personal relationship with the real Jesus. As Shean A. Smith says (tongue-in-cheek) in his free ebook called Soul Rape: “I am a Pantheist or Pantheorist – a person who believes that everything will pan out for those who find and follow the real Jesus”.

    Religion creates and perpetuates physical/natural/carnal/temporal men who cannot discern spiritual matters.

    Pursuing the full and true “good news” (especially according to apostle Paul) creates and perpetuates spiritual men and women who can discern spiritual matters.

    All religion is indeed “a snare and a racket” – especially that of the heretical/apostate WBT$, who later (1950s) invented the terms “true religion” and “false religion”.

    This site may be of interest

    Greetings and blessings

    ©2011 David Paul


  9. Dennis says:

    Hi David,

    Your comment, “The gospel message or “good news” calls humans to find our heavenly father in a living personal relationship with the real Jesus” was beautiful, simple and right on! When I was a JW this is the relationship that I missed. I had a relationship with an organization. Ultimately that was my fault but I can’t help but think that something in the JW religious experience subtly encourages and perpetuates this. Just my opinion. One thing is for sure, now I carve the relationship you speak of and am actively pursueing it to the exclusion of any group of men or organization. Thanks for the post.



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